0300 Call Log

You can log an 0300 call on this page. Your “virtual call” will automatically be sent to our Homing Team and National Contact Number operators.

Virtual 0300 call

  • Please use this form for enquiries about re-homing or homing dogs.

    This enquiry will go direct to our Homing/Rescue Team who will contact you as soon as possible, and is quicker than calling the 0300 number.

    For other more general enquiries please use the Contact Us form
  • Please quit from this form and use instead the "Homing Help Form" under "Contact Us" on the main menu

  • Once you have completed this form, it will help and speed the process if you next complete the "... Homing Check Form..." under the " Contact us " menu

  • Once you have clicked the 'Submit' button, please wait for your confirmation message. Please do not click multiple times!