Chair GRW 2016-2017

Lindsay Jackson

Lindsay Jackson

Lindsay Jackson

” Hello everyone – that is trustees, members, supporters and friends of GRW.

I am immensely proud to have been elected Chair of GRW for the coming year. I became a member in 2010 when we adopted two gorgeous greyhounds – Bryn and Gigi.

We were typical first time adopters who had brought up two lurchers in the past from puppy hood and thought we knew about sighthounds. We learned very quickly that retired greyhounds are a completely different kettle of fish!.

We have never been known to do anything by halves and having received our invite to our first AGM we duly drove south and our volunteering began!

Since that time we have done street collections, transporting dogs, shows, fairs, managed the national call line, fostered and used our previous experience to to help build a more professional GRW. Today  GRW is very different from the one we joined back in 2010. We are now a limited company, own property, have employees, have opened new charity shops as well as managing the unending supply of dogs that need to be rescued and rehomed.

When I first became a Trustee I promised myself that, if the organisation was not significantly more professional at the end of two years, then I would step away. I am still here and GRW is more professional than ever – but there is still more to be done.

So my continuing aims for my period in office are:

  1. Ensure that the systems and processes are in place and transparent enough such that GRW would continue should any one individual or group no longer be with us
  2. The financial health of GRW is strong enough to sustain the organisation into the future based on income generation as well as fundraising
  3. To grow the membership base of GRW such that it has a vibrant and enthusiastic core across the whole of Wales
  4. That the number of returned adoptions in any one year is no more than 2% of the total homed
  5. That our employees are secure in their future with GRW for as long as they wish

These challenging aims provide a tall order – but one I am determined to work towards. Alain Thomas (previous Chair) and Jon Trew (Vice Chair) have done an excellent job in guiding GRW to where we are now. We now need to ‘push on’ and become sustainable for another 20 years.

I look forward to working with you all and to encourage you to give  any or all of time, funds, energy, enjoyment, homes for dogs or simply just support and encouragement.

Lindsay Jackson