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Trustees Code of Conduct

Annual Review 2016-2017

AGM Agenda – 2017

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteer Job Descriptions

JD Director of Administration

JD Director of Communications

JD Director of Regional Operations

JD Director or Rescue Operations

JD Director of Finance

JD Director of Human Resources

JD Director of Physical Resources

JD Chair and Vice Chair

Greyhound Express Spring-Summer 2016

Greyhound Express Autumn-Winter 2015

Legacy Wording Guidance

Annual Report 2015-2016

Report of Accounts 2015-2016

GRW Employers Liability Insurance Certificate

Complaints Procedure

Public Music Licence for Cardiff Shop

Sponsorship and Gift Aid Form

Gift Aid Form (multiple donation)

GRW Policy on Confidentiality

Government Report on the Welfare of Greyhounds – February 2016

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

Organisation Chart – Updated – January 2016

GRW Policy Document – Safeguarding Children – January 2016

Sighthound Playgroup – Agreement Form / T&C’s

Make a Difference

Jennie Ann Street Memorial

Volunteer Reimbursement Claim Form

Cooper Super Fosterer Advert

Last Hope Walk 2015 – Sponsorship Form

Guidelines for Street and Supermarket Collections

Code of Conduct for Public Collections

Guidance on Organising a Rummage Sale

Tesco store collection application form

Guidance on organising store collections

Guidance on Car Boot Sales

Guidance on taking a dog to a talk

Guidance on organising Sponsored Walks

GRW Volunteer Role Descriptions

GRW Lone Working – Street Collections

Greyhound Express Spring-Summer 2015

GRW Business Plan 2015 – 2020

Greyhound Express Autumn-Winter 2014

Great Greyhound Sunday 2014 – Sponsorship Form

GRW Report of Accounts 2013 – 2014

Annual Report of Activities 2013-2014

Greyhound Express Spring-Summer 2013

Greyhound Express Spring/Summer 2014

Bank Standing Order

Standing Order Mandate

Gift Aid Form (single donation)

Breaking up a dog fight – GRW Guidance

GRW e-newsletter May 2013

GRW Risk Assessment

GRW Public Liability Insurance Certificate

GRW Company Ltd – Memorandum and Articles

GRW Constitution

Legacy Working Party Final Report

GRW e-Newsletter January 2013

GRW Welcome and Adoption Pack