This is Lexie, a 16 months old lurcher girl who now needs to find a new home. Where she lives is proving to be unsuitable for her as she is escaping and putting herself at risk. Also her owner’s working days have changed and she cannot be at home as much as she used to be which is becoming frustrating for the loveable Lexie.

Lexie will require a very secure home and some recall training. She can climb fences!

Here is a summary of our visit to see Lexie and our assessment:

Lexie’s gentle, affectionate, playful nature is apparent as soon as you meet her. Within minutes we were playing together in the garden with a range of toys. She loves to play! We even played tug of war using my fingers hooked around her canine teeth and she was careful not to close her mouth (don’t try this at home)!

 Lexie is a collie-greyhound-whippet-bedlington cross. Her head is large like a collie’s and she has a collie’s intelligence and energy. In the house, like most greyhounds, she enjoys a snooze on the sofa! Lexie is a very busy, playful dog who needs a lot of stimulation. She loves to interact with people and other dogs. Her owner says she will run to people she hasn’t met before to check them out. I would describe Lexie as clever and keen to learn new stuff. To keep me playing with her she would vary her games – running around fast with a toy in her mouth, tug of war (including with my fingers!), bringing a toy to me and getting me to chase her. Even when we made it clear the game was over she stayed in the garden refusing to come in or to allow herself to be caught. In fact, she turned the attempts to catch her into another game!

She is good with other dogs and with people. Although we didn’t see Lexie with other dogs we were told that Lexie avoids confrontations with other dogs and extract herself from such situations.  Lexie will chase cats out of her garden but has not met a cat close range. We would not rule out Lexie being cat workable, with a bit of training!

Currently she receives a minimum one walk a day in the late afternoon of about half an hour, partly on the lead. Sometimes she has the same walk in the morning and/or in the evening as well as the afternoon walk. Lexie is fed in the morning but eats when she feels like. Sometimes her food is down all day before she decides to eat. Lexie sleeps on the sofas downstairs. She has clearly decided sofas are more comfortable and more fitting to her status than dog beds.

We think that we are seeking a lively active home, with lots of things going on and people for Lexie to interact with. A home where someone is at home for a substantial amount of time. The home could have children in it and Lexie would also enjoy being with other dogs. Potentially Lexie might even live with a cat (although Lexie would need to be cat tested to ensure this). The garden would need to be very securely fenced and the new adopters would need to be prepared to work on recall. Alternatively Lexie might adapt to a more free-range situation for example in a rural property with extensive grounds.

Lexie is a small lurcher and about the size of a large whippet. She does not travel well in the car. She is fine when travelling for about 10 minutes, then she clearly is not happy. After about 30 minutes she is often sick….”

  • Type: Lurcher
  • Age: 16 months
  • Colour: Tan and White
  • Location: Llanelli area