Meet Wee Willy Wilson (AKA Barnacrow Wild), Wilson, for short, a 5 year old (dob 14/11/2010) Irish bred lad who had some races (only 9 in total) at Poole.

Only-DogWilson is a big bold black Beauty looking for his forever sofa. Wilson, our Oh Do Behave! poster boy, is one of our real success stories and we’ve seen him grow in confidence and skills since he first came into us in 2014. Wilson is smart, playful and energetic (in short bursts!) and thinks he’s a retriever, loving nothing more than playing fetch on the ménage! He has also responded really well to training and can do sits, downs and work out how to get the treats from the most complicated of feeding games.

Wilson enjoys his walks and is used to wearing a Freedom No Pull harness. We think he would be quite happy as an only dog, and could be trained to be left for short periods. He’s currently living in the Hillcrest house and learning how to move from kennels to cuddles (and he’s a fast learner!). If you’re keen to make a difference to a boy with a story, then look no further. Wilson is a shining example of what can be achieved with these dogs with time, patience and some force-free training.

  • Type: Greyhound
  • Age: 5 years
  • Colour: Black