Hillcrest Supper Club

bags-of-dog-foodJoin the “Hillcrest Supper Club”

At any one time, we have around 14 dogs in our care at Hillcrest, our sanctuary in Carmarthenshire. As you can imagine, 14 dogs eat a lot of dog food! We have to rely on donations of food, or buy all of this ourselves. This is a major drain on our budget every year.

Would you like to be part of our new “Hillcrest Supper Club”?

We are looking for supporters and members to sign up to a monthly standing order, which will help us with the feeding costs.

It costs around £500 per month to feed all our dogs at Hillcrest. This covers all dried food, sensitive food, tinned food and treats. In the past we have had our food at a considerable discount, but our supplier is no longer able to provide this. This has meant that recently we have had to appeal directly to our supporters and members to buy bags of food online and have it sent to us. This is not a sustainable method of making sure the dogs are fed, so we are introducing the “Hillcrest Supper Club” as a sustainable alternative.

This means you can now sign up to a monthly donation of anything from £1 upwards, to contribute to these costs. We hope that with enough people signing up we will reach our monthly target of £500 and all food costs will be covered. This also means you have a great opportunity to contribute whatever you can afford, and in the process, be part of something bigger – making a huge difference to the lives of the dogs in our care.

To be part of this new and exclusive venture, and to become a member of the “Hillcrest Supper Club”, please print off and complete the standing order form, then return it to the address on the form.

By signing up from as little as £1 per month, you will be contributing to something that will be making an enormous difference to GRW.

Help us give them the life they deserve

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