How you can help

Greyhounds looking for help

 Become a Member

There are many benefits of becoming a member – both to you and the dogs. Membership provides a valuable source of income to support our work and also enables you to keep in touch with the organisation and its activities.

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We are always looking for volunteers to help out at events, our events page gives the various events and shows where we will have a stall and the location of the many street collections that we carry out – help is always needed. We don’t look for a set amount of hours, we value every minute you can spare, so please get in touch if you would like to help.

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As a registered charity we always need more money to support the work we do. We welcome people organising their own fun events to raise donations and will offer support to do this. Our treasurer is the person who deals with donations and finance.

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 Enter our Monthly Dog Draw 100 Club

How it works?

  • Enter your dogs names – if they are drawn you win a cash prize.
  • 45% of the income goes to help the dogs, 5% of income is retained by Greyhound Rescue Wales to pay for running costs of the lottery and the remaining 50% is prize money: cash prizes for 1st (30% of income), 2nd (10% of income) and 3rd (5% of income).
  • Prizes are drawn each month.

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Registered under the Lotteries and Amusement Act 1976.

 Sponsored Dog (SAD) and kennel (SAK) Schemes

Greyhound Rescue Wales has found homes for hundreds of greyhounds and lurchers. Unfortunately there are also some that cannot be re-homed because of their awful past experiences and these become “long-term residents” who are cared for permanently by foster carers.

We currently have two dogs in need of extra care and attention and they would love to have YOU as a sponsor. For less than £1 per week you can help unwanted and abused greyhounds get the love and care that they so desperately need.

Also, you can sponsor a kennel (SAK)

At Greyhound Rescue Wales we are constantly approached to take in and, in many cases, save a greyhounds and lurchers lives. There is a never ending flow of dogs needing homes once the racing industry or owners have finished with them. So consequently we have many dogs on our waiting list at any given time.

The gift you give of sponsoring a kennel will save the lives of many dogs and help look after them until they can be successfully re-homed. Every new kennel we provide will allow us to save approximately 10 dogs a year.

Our Kennel Sponsorship works in the following way: we have five kennels which we use for sponsorship. As a dog gets re-homed another homeless hound takes its place in the kennel.   You are not just sponsoring one dog, who could be homed quite quickly, but you will be sponsoring a kennel in which many dogs should come and go throughout the year!

You can choose which kennel number you would like to sponsor for the year and will receive updates on all the dogs that stay in your chosen kennel throughout the year.

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