Last Hope

Hillcrest_Last-HopeLast Hope was a greyhound found left for dead, badly injured and with both ears cut off on a mountainside in the Rhymney Valley in South Wales. He was discovered lying on rubbish with a hole in his forehead on 2 May 2004 by a walker, and was later humanely destroyed

But out of such cruelty can come some good. Greyhound Rescue Wales set up a ‘Last Hope Fund’ and holds an annual sponsored walk to raise money for the fund. This money has been used to resuce, treat and rehome especially desperate greyhounds or lurchers for whom the only other option would have been euthenasia.

For detail of the incident from the BBC  click here->

Last Hope Fund Donation Form

  • With this form you can make a sponsorship donations towards the Last Hope fund via PayPal or with another card. This fund is used to pay for the care and treatment of dogs in extreme need, who otherwise may be put to sleep. The fund has helped save the lives of many dogs over the years, who have gone to leave very happy lives in their new homes. Thank you for helping Greyhound Rescue Wales by such a kind gesture.
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