Appeal on behalf of Hope Rescue

The term the worst case we have ever seen is often used in Rescue.

However, it is totally justified in this case. We received a call from our vets this afternoon asking if we could take a young Lurcher girl into our care. She was found last night at around 7 p.m. by a member of the public. She was staggering at the side of Wentloog Road, Cardiff with serious injuries. Despite being stretched to our limits we immediately said yes as we believed she deserved a chance. However, we were not prepared for the extent of her injuries and to say we are shocked is an understatement. Initially the finder believed she had been hit by a car. However, once at the vets it was clear that her severe wounds were in fact 2nd and 3rd degree chemical burns. This was also supported by the accompanying smell of a paraffin-like odour. She also had her hips X-rayed as she appeared to be lame/in pain but fortunately there is no sign of skeletal damage. The RSPCA were called by the vets and are investigating her case. This little girl, who we have named Sapphire, is going to need some intensive treatment and at the moment there is a 60% chance she will need skin grafts.

 We are appealing for information as to how she may have sustained her injuries. If you have any information please either call the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999, or Hope Rescue on 07545 822919.

 Secondly, we are also appealing for a very special foster home to help her on her journey back to health. The foster home needs to be in the South Wales area with easy access to our vets in Newport. She will need a quiet household with someone who is around most of the day. If you are not already registered, then you will need to go through our foster recruitment process. Please ring Nicky on 07766 523104

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