DEFRA Guidance on stray dogs and dangerous dogs

Defra have published guidance on the law relating to stray dogs and dangerous dogs in England and Wales. Copies of these documents are available for downloading in our Links section.The law on stray dogs changed in April 2008 with Local Authorities having the sole responsibility for them; the Police no longer have any responsibility for strays.The law on dangerous dogs is complex and this guidance covers the many different laws in force.Further information is available on Defra’s website:

The Sunday Time’s Daniel Foggo has uncovered another greyhound slaughterhouse, this time in Hertfordshire, (Sunday Times 02 November 2008). The difference between this and the “killing fields” he exposed at Seaham, is that this is an actual knackers yard that charges owners £20 a time to kill their greyhounds using a bolt gun. The activity is said to be legal and the owners of the knackers yard say that their service is necessary to help owners dispose of old or injured dogs.

GRW first published a paper in 2004 that outlined the “routine” way in which many greyhounds are disposed of after they finish racing. This article underlines the nature of the problem and provides more evidence that there is in place a well organised system to kill and dispose of large numbers of unwanted greyhounds when they “retire”.

The expose reinforces the need for proper independent control over welfare standards in greyhound racing. Hopefully, the National Assembly for Wales will do just that within one or two years. Self-regulation, as being proposed in England is simply not enough and will only perpetuate the status quo, and the slaughter.