We are urgently in need of your help.

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We work closely with a number of welfare organisations in Ireland. Regrettably there is a huge problem with greyhounds in the Irish Republic and so we are taking four greyhound puppies from one of our sister organisations, the Cork Dog Welfare Action Group (DAWG).

Above are some pictures of the dogs that we will be taking in on Saturday 8th June. They are all 8 months old and too small to race so have been abandoned. They are likely to be cat friendly as trainers don’t start training them until they are about a year old. We don’t normally get offered many dogs this young so this is a bit of a departure for us.

To make enough room to take in these youngsters we need two kinds of people:

  1. Those who would like to take one of these dogs – remember they are really just puppies, and will be like all pups – adorable, lovable, cuddly, sweet and will love you forever as you shape their young lives. But they won’t be – house trained, good on the lead or know not to chew your shoes, slippers, furniture and so on
  2. Those who will take some of our current dogs either to adopt or to foster (‘kennels to cuddles’ programmers!) so that we have the time and space to be able to bring the puppies on ourselves

Can you help? If you can then please click here and complete a CONTACT US form with your message

Warning sign If you are unsure why we are helping in this way you might want to view this video from DAWG. WARNING: some of this is disturbing