Important News about Proxy Voting at the GRW SGM on 2nd June 2013

Within the current constitution of GRW there is no provision for proxy voting at an AGM or SGM. However because, in the Memorandum and Articles of GRW Co Ltd, ‘…Any member is entitled to appoint another member as a proxy to exercise all or any of the member’s rights to attend and to speak and vote at a general meeting of the Charity… and….Any member may act as a proxy for only one other member..’, the Executive of GRW have concluded that for the item on the Agenda of the SGM, “Consider and approve the recommendations of the Executive as to the use of the Lee Frank legacy following the report to the Executive by the Legacy Working Party” that proxy voting should be available for those members who are unable to attend the SGM as specified in the Memorandum and Articles of the new GRW Co Ltd as this article would be in force at that point in the SGM.

For these reasons the Executive of GRW are asking qualified voting members (i.e. those that are fully paid up members as shown in the recent membership update mailing or otherwise later updated by renewal of membership) should be given the opportunity to register a proxy vote.

To appoint a member to be a proxy then either:

1. Write to the secretary, Mr Andrew Burn at 6 St Stephens Court, Undy, Caldicot, NP26 3PR stating your name, first line of address, post code and the name, first line of address and post code of the member to act as your proxy


2. Complete the online form that can be found on our web site – Click here for the Proxy Form >

Members are reminded that they may only act as a proxy for one other member.

All requests for a proxy must be received by close of business (6.00pm) on Wednesday 29th May 2013