Justice for the ‘Limerick Greyhounds’

We at GRW are supporting the work of GRAI and their efforts to ensure that there is some justice following the horrific abuse of greyhounds near Limerick last year. If you would like to help GRAI please follow the link below and sign the petition.

Message from GRAI

“… Please sign and share this important petition calling for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Ireland, to recognize that advocates from across the world seek that the protection(s) for Greyhounds are upheld – so that a recurrence of such horrific abuse to Greyhounds will never happen again.

Petition: DPP, Ireland – to recognize the world seeks justice for the ‘Limerick Greyhounds’ http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/186/855/199/

It has taken over a year for the case to be heard – dates are set for the 25th & 26th April – there is little time to gain many signatures.

Thank you in advance of your support… ”