Learning with a Lurcher

Sometimes lurchers can be a real handful. Many of the greyhounds we rescue are at least expected to parade around the track on a lead; however some of the lurchers we find are completely wild and difficult to control. 

As cross breeds, these dogs are often highly intelligent but their unstructured upbringing and an unstimulating kennel environment can leave these dogs bored, frustrated and therefore difficult to re-home. The solution to this problem seems obvious – dog training classes!

As a way of making Mork the lurcher more re-homeable, Angie Webb signed the naughty pup up for obedience classes. “At first” she said, “I thought it might be a big mistake, as Mork entered the classroom on his hind legs. Ben (dog trainer) seemed unfazed and our first task was to walk around and introduce all of the dogs, they were all shapes and sizes. We did this by letting the dogs sniff each other bums. Introductions should always be nose to bum, as bums don’t bite. The next step was getting the dog’s attention. We did this with small treats and Mork cottoned on very quickly. The following week Mork was able to sit. We achieved this by using the lead to train him. Then followed getting him to lie down, go backwards, turn, stay and next week we do recall.”

Inspired by Angie’s idea, GRW Rescue Co-ordinator Sandra Wynne put the word out for a volunteer to take on another of our mischievous lurchers and take them to obedience classes. Paddy had twice been re-homed but each time it had fallen through due to his wayward behaviour. Fortunately GRW member Selena Burn has agreed to start taking Paddy to dog training classes and we are hoping that Angie’s success with Mork will be replicated with Paddy.