Record Breaking Summer

Not only were records being broken at the Olympics and Paralympics stadium this summer but Greyhound Rescue Wales are having a record breaking time finding new homes for greyhounds and lurchers.

Charity Chairman Alain Thomas said, “I’ve never known a summer like it. Usually during the holidays the number of dogs we re-home dips but this year the opposite has happened and our re-homing numbers have gone through the roof!”

The charity reported that a record breaking 17 greyhounds and lurchers were re-homed during August, with 14 dogs re-homed in June and 13 in July, re-homing almost as many dogs during this three month period as the whole of the previous year. Fortunately this has been coupled with some record breaking fundraising, with over £1,100 donated in one day by shoppers during a street collection in Queen Street Cardiff on Saturday 8th of September.

Vice Chair Jon Trew said “there is no single magic formula to achieving this success, just like the Olympic athletes it has involved long hours of hard work from a group of very dedicated supporters, but there are a couple of important changes that have really helped. We have completely embraced new technology and in particular social networking. Our Facebook site now has over 1,000 followers, which this means we can contact our supporters quickly and keep them up to date with all aspects our work. It also means we can react quickly when there is an emergency, finding foster parents or volunteers to transport dogs. We are also now working more in partnership with other charities such as Greyhound Rescue West of England, Dogs Trust and Hope Rescue. However we cannot become complacent, there are still so many greyhounds and lurchers out there who need our help.”

At least 10,000 greyhounds “retire” from racing in Britain every year at an average age of just 2½ years old. Either through injury or because they are judged to be no longer fast enough to race. As well as these dogs there are also large numbers of lurchers, dogs crossed either with a greyhound or another sighthound and bred for hunting. Greyhound Rescue Wales are finding these dogs dumped in increasing numbers, often because they are have turned out not to be good enough hunters, or because their owners no longer want them. The charity believe that greyhounds and lurchers make great pets and encourage anyone considering getting a pet dog to choose a greyhound or lurcher.