Sly the lurchers leg is saved by swift action

When Sly the lurcher’s owners left him at the PDSA with a broken leg it looked like that the only way to prevent gangrene and save his life was to amputate. However as a last chance, staff at Swansea PDSA contacted Greyhound Rescue Wales to see if they could help. The charity that rescues greyhounds and lurchers reacted quickly and agreed to take the dog on.

Greyhound Rescue Wales had previously managed to avoid amputation and save the limbs of other greyhounds with the help of  Burry Port vet Sebastiano Puglisi of Alpha Vets. After getting in touch the vet agreed to come in on his day off and treat the poor animal. Now with his leg in a special fibre glass cast, it looks like the injured animal’s leg will be saved and Sly the lurcher will be able to run again.

Bradley Evans, Rescue Co-ordinator at Greyhound Rescue Wales said “A lurcher is usually a greyhound crossed with another breed. They love to run and some greyhounds can even reach up to 40 mph, so when one of these breeds loses a leg, it can be a real blow. “

One year old Sly will have to be immobile and wear his cast for at least eight weeks but if everything goes to plan, he should be running around again soon. However the story doesn’t end there. Sly is currently recovering in a foster home and the charities next job is to find him a forever home.

Bradley continued ” Sly is a lovely boy and has been a model patient and once recovered will make someone a lovely pet. “If you think you could give a good home to Sly or one of the many other greyhounds and lurchers currently in the care of Greyhound Rescue Wales please ring their helpline 0300 0123 999 or visit their web site