Spotty – A Hound Saved By the Last Hope Fund

Spotty-4-23.04.14 Spotty-5-23.04.14  

This is Spotty – the latest greyhound to be saved from euthenasia by the GRW Last Hope Fund. Spot was handed over to GRW by his trainer from the Valley Stadium near Caerffili and has two broken bones in his hock and looks quite sad now because he has been injured and has lost the life that he enjoyed as a racing dog. However, he doesn’t know the new life that is waiting for him in just a few days time as a foster family pet.

Our vet suggests the best outcome will be achieved by fusing the joint, which will still allow 95% mobility. Spot has had his operation and will be  discharged on Monday 28th April. The aftercare will be longer than for an ordinary break: 8 to 12 weeks room rest and only out on the lead to empty. He will then attend St James for 2 weeks after surgery for bandage change and wound check. Total cost for the operations and aftercare will be around £1,000. Though a lot of money, this is very reasonable for the amount of treatment Spot’s having. If he were insured the cost would be nearer £3,000.

If yo would like to help Spotty and other hounds such as him, you can make a donation to the “Last Hope Fund” by completing the form below.

Last Hope Fund Donation Form

  • With this form you can make a sponsorship donations towards the Last Hope fund via PayPal or with another card. This fund is used to pay for the care and treatment of dogs in extreme need, who otherwise may be put to sleep. The fund has helped save the lives of many dogs over the years, who have gone to leave very happy lives in their new homes. Thank you for helping Greyhound Rescue Wales by such a kind gesture.
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