The scale of the issue in Eire

Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland (GRAI) has published the 2012 figures under the ‘Control of Dogs Acts’ for all of the counties in Eire.

In terms of greyhounds there were 530 dogs either surrendered, found as strays or seized. Of these dogs 28 were re-homed or claimed, 98 were transferred to welfare groups and the rest, all 404 of them were destroyed.

Whilst GRW re-homes more hounds in a year than were ‘rescued directly from pounds’ in the whole of Eire, the problem continues to exist that nearly 80% of these dogs are destroyed. Our Chairman, Alain Thomas said “…If we needed any further reasons to think of Irish greyhounds in our work then here are another 404 of them….”

Meanwhile GRAI members continue to rescue many greyhounds. In 2012 7 GRAI members rescued 364 dogs, and in this year 64 January to March

Salutary thoughts….