Thomas Miles

Thomas MilesIn late 2013 GRW received a letter from Jane Morgan in Abergavenny about her father, Thomas Miles who had recently died. Thomas had been an avid greyhound owner during his life and his daughter decided that any donations at his funeral should be for GRW. To this end her letter enclosed a substantial donation.

As we often have hounds come in to us with no name, we decided that it would be appropriate to name a ‘no -name’ hound in memory of Thomas. Enter ‘Thomas Miles’, snapped by Sandra Wynne at our Hillcrest sanctuary last week. I sent Jane a letter and a glossy print of Thomas Miles and today received the following letter back (along with another sponsorship donation).

“Dear Andy. Thank you so much for the photo of Thomas Miles. I nearly passed out when I saw him. It was like looking at a mirror image of the very last greyhound that Dad had. Her name was ‘Tiger Lill” and the colour and markings are exactly the same. It could be the same dog except for the gender! After Mum died Tiger gave Dad a reason to carry on and when we lost her he gave up. She was a great comfort and companion to Dad as she was to me. I walked her and had to take her to the vets for her final journey which broke my heart. Putting that aside, coincidence or not, I think Dad would have been delighted and proud to have this beautiful hound named after him. I’m not naive enough to think his new adopters will keep this name

Thank you so much, Jane.

PS. I still can’t get my head round the fact that ‘Thomas Miles’ is identical to ‘Tiger Lill’ as all the greyhounds my parents had before her were brindle. I like to think it is meant to be and if I had to pick a dog in memory of my Dad it would have been this one without a doubt. Uncanny or what?”

Editor’s note: it will be a condition of adoption that his name is kept as Thomas Miles.

Thomas Miles will be on our web site soon once he has been fully assessed.