100 Club

Monthly Dog Show 100 Club

Henry Eyes

Competition Details

  •  Enter your dogs names
  • Each month there are three prize winners
  • 50% of income goes to help the dogs
  • 5% of income is retained to pay for running costs of the lottery
  • The remaining income is then divided as cash prizes
  • 1st (30% of income), 2nd (10% of income) and 3rd (5% of income)
  • Entry fee is £1 per dog/month
  • Maximum 10 dogs can be entered

To join the 100 Club please complete and return the form which can be found by clicking 100 Club Form 2013 V3.0

Alternatively you can join the 100 club on line by completing the form below

Please click here to complete the online 100 Club form->

Registered Charity No:1152650

Registered under the Lotteries and Amusements Act 1976