Greyhound Rescue Wales always needs volunteer support in our work as we are a charity made up of unpaid volunteers and rely on our greyhound supporters.

Volunteers are needed to take on some of the practical tasks in re-homing the dogs transporting them or taking phone-calls from adverts. We also need help organising fund-raising activities, helping out at street collections or at the various shows and events we attend each year. We welcome people getting in touch offering as many hours as they can spare, so please use the Contact Us page to email or ring us or tell us about a skill you’d like to share with us.

Fund Raising Activities

We attend shows or have our own fun dog shows through the year, in addition to sponsored walks. This gives us another opportunity to raise funds. In the past we have had various stalls including bring and buy, raffles, plants, cakes, cards and tombola. We have a merchandise stall which is ongoing. If you have any fresh ideas which you think would boost this side of our fund raising, please Contact Us.

Street Collections

If you are able to join in with the street collections, you would be most welcome to help out. These collections can be fun and very rewarding, as apart from bringing in much needed funds, the greyhounds themselves attract a very positive reaction from the public, especially children. We regularly get comments like “ We’ve been told they make very good pets. “Isn’t it awful the way they are treated.”, “What is their history?”, “Are they easy to look after?”, “Good luck! You’re doing a great job.” and “Oh, they ’re lovely dogs.”

We point out that money collected goes to funding the cost of kenneling the dozen or so greyhounds waiting to be adopted, plus jabs and neutering. This is ongoing. As one dog is adopted there is always another waiting to come in. There have been instances where children have not wanted to leave the dogs – At Tesco, Aberdare in 2008 an eight year old girl loved the dogs so much that she wanted to stay and help look after them. Luckily she had patient parents who waited around for her. She was eventually persuaded to leave as long as she could come back the next day.

Re-homing and Transportation

There are lots of areas where Greyhound Rescue Wales may be short of volunteers e.g. home checking and transport. Getting involved is very satisfying and gives you a chance to be hands on and involved with the dogs – they then become much more than just a name or a photo on the website.

If you would like to help in some way, then please get in touch via our  Contact Us page.