On the 8th December Greyhound Rescue Wales’s hounds – Hillcrest’s Baxter and Celyn, Last Hope Heroes Hector and Jilly, and Nala, Lily, Frieda and Snip went to Cardiff on a visit to the Senedd. A massive thank you to Luke Fletcher AM/MS and Jane Dodds AM/MS for organising the event.
Many Members of Senedd of all political denominations stopped for a chat about greyhounds, and our hounds enjoyed ear rubs and being a centre of attention. Members of Senedd asked questions about the situation of greyhounds in Wales and wanted to know what they were like as pets. Everyone had a fabulous time and our hounds were on their best behaviour, despite a close proximity of pigeons.
Having met our beautiful hounds other Members of Senedd also posted on Facebook and Twitter expressing their interest and support for Greyhounds.
Thank you to Alain Thomas who organised everything GRW side and to everyone who came to the event.

Two of our ambassadors, Carly and Baxter

Meeting and Greeting 

Meeting and Greeting can be hard work

Luke Fletcher AM/MS with our representatives