Change Programme

We have set up this page to provide ongoing updates for our Change Programme.

Our Change Programme is based on an organisational review of GRW written August 2021 which you can read by clicking here.

At our 2022 AGM, Greyhound Rescue Wales CEO Tim Doyle gave a summary of the programme and what is coming next for GRW. You can view the presentation in the video below.

Summary of Previous Activity

31/08/2022 – August has been a very busy month as many parts of the Change Programme begin to be adopted as ‘business as usual’ for lots of areas within GRW. There are still some remaining areas requiring management through the Programme. These are:

  • Finalising a scheme of delegation for the CEO.
  • Reassigning operational (day-to-day) responsibilites previously held by Trustees to our staff.
  • Developing the definition and structure of the board, including roles of trustees.
  • Presentation of the newly-created strategy to the membership.
  • Implementing training packages for various systems.

20/07/2022 – July has seen our new CEO Tim Doyle start work following his previous role as change manager. Tim will be seeing the remainder of the change programme to completion in his new role. 

Projects ongoing in July include:

  • Reviewing the structure of our board of Trustees and where specific responsibilities are allocated.
  • Reassigning operational (day-to-day) responsibilites previously held by Trustees to our staff.
  • Putting our new Intranet into use.
  • Working to automate some of our processes that were previously done manually.

13/06/2022 – June will see the change team continue associated work with some of the projects started in May. There will also be two new projects which are:

  • Guides, Booklets and Leaflets: Reviewing all our public-facing materials to make sure they are up to date and formatted correctly.
  • Implementing Open Reporting: Open Reporting is the idea of having an open and honest system for people to report things that they think others should know about. Reports can be about all sorts of things: good ideas, suggestions for improvements, near-misses, growing problems etc. but the underlying principle is that everyone has a way to raise these points without fear or embarrassment.

13/06/2022 – In the last few weeks, significant progress has been made in the following areas:

  • GRW Intranet: The GRW Intranet will ‘go live’ in late-July. This will become the one stop shop for all policy, documents, templates, contact details, training materials and more. It will make it much easier for trustees, staff and volunteers to access the information they need.
  • Policy Review: All of GRW’s policy has now been reformatted and a ‘Policy Lead’ allocated to each. All policy is now tracked centrally and subject to scheduled review to ensure it stays up to date and fit for purpose.
  • Systems Review: All of GRW’s systems (e.g. ASM, Google Suite, Social Media accounts etc.) now have a responsible person called a ‘System Owner’. These are the people responsible for creating/removing accounts and generally managing access. This allows us to have much better oversight of our information management and helps people to get access to the information they need to carry out their role.
  • Strategy Document: Trustees are now finalising the first draft of the strategy. This will shortly be distributed to staff for their input. The final product will be presented to members at the AGM later this year.

03/05/2022 – Throughout May, the change team will be working on 4 main tasks, which are:

  1. Producing GRW’s Strategy: Trustees will produce the initial plan before handing over to staff for their expert advice and feedback.
  2. Reviewing GRW’s Articles of Association: Seeking expert advice on whether GRW’s Articles of Association are fit for purpose and up to date with good practice.
  3. Policy Review: Looking at how GRW uses policy, how we store it, how we review it etc. and seeing how we can do things better.
  4. Systems Review: Looking at who has responsibility for/access to which systems in GRW (e.g. ASM, Google Suite, WordPress, Social Media etc.) and making sure the right people have the right access. We will also be looking at whether any additional training needs to be provided to support people in these roles.

26/04/2022 – A new video has been published explaining the next part of the change programme. You can view it on YouTube by clicking here.

19/04/2022 – The change team have agreed a timeline for the second half of the programme. The Trustees will meet on 15th May to discuss the new strategy and set further direction for the future of GRW. This will then be passed on to staff for their input and expert advice.  It is the intention to announce a complete strategy plan at the next AGM in September 2022.

28/03/2022 – The change team are working together with Trustees and Staff to build a new GRW strategy. The strategy is the overall plan for how GRW will achieve the Vision and Mission that the members voted for.

09/03/2022 – Now GRW’s new Vision and Mission has been decided, planning work can begin in earnest for how the second half of the change programme will be carried out. The change team will be publishing updates as soon as decisions are made.


At the EGM of 6th March 2022, members voted to accept the following Vision Statement and Mission:

Vision Statement:

Working for a Wales without greyhound racing, where every greyhound and lurcher has a home and receives the best possible care.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to improve the lives of greyhounds and lurchers by:

  • Rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming greyhounds and lurchers
  • Supporting the movement to end greyhound racing in Wales
  • Raising awareness of the issues facing greyhounds and lurchers
  • Promoting greyhounds and lurchers as pets

28/02/2022 – Registration for the EGM closes. In total, 71 members registered to vote in the upcoming EGM.

14/02/2022 – Results of the surveys conducted in Dec 21/Jan 22 can now be viewed by clicking here.

03/02/2022 – Notification of the EGM is published to members including instructions on how to register to vote.

30/01/2022 – The Board of Trustees approve the recommendation to hold an EGM on Sunday 6th March 2022, along with the proposals for 3 options for GRW’s new Vision and Mission.

24/01/2022 – Both the volunteer and members surveys have now closed. Thank you to everyone who responded. The Steering Committee are now using this feedback to help guide the next stages of the programme. A summary report of the results along with links to the full survey data will be published in the coming weeks.

13/01/2022 – As the proposed EGM is now less than two months away, the Steering Committee have begun to work on their proposals. These will be passed to the Trustees for consideration before the final decision is made on when to hold the EGM and what decisions will be involved.

10/01/2022 – Our volunteer survey is now live and GRW volunteers will receive a link either via the Change Manager or through their respective trustees/managers.

06/01/2022 – Approximately 20% of members have now responded to the survey. The average response rate for online surveys is 5-30%.

04/01/2022 – Thank you to all GRW members who have completed the survey so far. Responses will be collated in the last week of January so please ensure you have sent your response by 21/01/2022 if you haven’t already.

15/12/2021 – Our membership survey is live and all members should now have received a link to complete it online. If you have selected post as your preferred communication method, you should receive a paper copy shortly.

03/12/2021 – If you are currently a GRW member, keep an eye out over the next couple of weeks for the release of our membership survey. This is one of the first rounds of consultation in the change programme and gives a chance for members to voice their thoughts on a number of key issues.

Oct-Nov 21 – Tim & Steering Group work on establishing the change programme and identifying stakeholders (the people who will be affected by the change)

04/10/2021 – Steering Group setup to work with Tim

02/10/2021 – Tim Doyle appointed as change manager. More here