Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our small team of staff, supported by volunteers, ensures that GRW rescues and rehomes dogs in Wales.

We employ staff at Hillcrest, our rehoming Centre. To fund our work we rely heavily on our shops and volunteers.



Lindsay Jackson – Chair

I am immensely proud to have been elected Chair of GRW for 2017-18. I became a member in 2010 when we adopted two gorgeous greyhounds – Bryn and Gigi.

We were typical first time adopters who had brought up two lurchers in the past from puppy hood and thought we knew about sighthounds. We learned very quickly that retired greyhounds are a completely different kettle of fish!.

We have never been known to do anything by halves and having received our invite to our first AGM we duly drove south and our volunteering began! When I first became a Trustee I promised myself that, if the organisation was not significantly more professional at the end of two years, then I would step away. I am still here and GRW is more professional than ever – but there is still more to be done.

Aims for my period in office are:

  1. Ensure that the systems and processes are in place and transparent enough such that GRW would continue should any one individual or group no longer be with us
  2. Making the financial health of GRW strong enough to sustain the organisation into the future based on income generation as well as fundraising
  3. To grow the membership base of GRW such that it has a vibrant and enthusiastic core across the whole of Wales
  4. Managing the number of returned adoptions in any one year is no more than 2% of the total homed
  5. Providing our employees with a secure future with GRW for as long as they wish

These challenging aims provide a tall order – but one I am determined to work towards. Previous chairs have done an excellent job in guiding GRW to where we are now. We now need to ‘push on’ and become sustainable for another 25 years.

I look forward to working with you all and to encourage you to give any time, funds, energy, enjoyment, homes for dogs or simply just support and encouragement.

Lindsay Jackson

The following Trustees were elected at the most recent AGM or have been appointed since.

The Executive Officers have been appointed by the Trustees for a period of 2 years

Andy Jackson

Treasurer, finance, membership and data

Steve Tom

Company Secretary

Rescue and Rehoming

Carolyn Graves-Brown

Claire Gardner


I have loved animals, especially dogs, since meeting my very first long-term furry companion Ben; a beautiful stray puppy who came into my life at the tender age of 5. Since adopting our black beauties Bodhi and Willow in 2016, I have fallen in love with greyhounds. I will do all that I can as a proud member of GRW and as a Trustee, to help and support these beautiful angels during their transition into the wonderful loving homes they deserve.

Chris Moss

Sam Moss

Debra Allen

Retail development


I have been a fan of pointy noses since we adopted our first in 2012, and am currently slave to Rocky and Hannah. Having been a supporter of GRW since 2013, taking part in various fundraising activities, I am now very proud to be involved in supporting the rescue and rehoming of their kinfolk by taking care of our fabulous charity shops.

Magdalena Gryczmanska


Dogs in general and sighthounds in particular are the focus and the joy of my life. I also love the wonderful community of people bonded together by their love for these beautiful dogs – the community that offers support and friendship to the fellow sighthound lovers and their dogs. I have been a part of the GRW volunteer team for a few years, organising and participating in various forms of fundraising, volunteering at our Rehoming Centre, and more recently as a member and now a trustee for our Communications Team. I am proud to be a part of the GRW team and I hope I can make a difference.

Val Ball

Events and Fundraising


We have two full-time and two part-time employees and one contractor working in rescue and rehoming; nine part-time employees in retail development and two part-time contractors in infra-structure and support.

Abbie Conway

Abbie, I am Hillcrest’s Centre Manager and made the move to GRW from Northampton last June. After a career working with complex young people, I retrained in Canine Sports Massage to support a lifestyle change. 7 months into my new role with GRW i can say this is the most demanding, but joy filled role of my career to date! I’ve laughed, cried, rejoiced & worried on so many occasions. I’ve discovered that rescuing isn’t for the faint hearted, this isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle & one I’m immensely proud of being involved with. I’ve had a huge amount of support & encouragement since I started from the staff team & our fabulous volunteers. I feel my own greyhounds helped pave the way for me to this role; Skye, who at 14 years is the Queen of our family and Dr Moo, my huge, clumsy boy who helps me look after the sick & injured when they arrive at our door.

Sandra Wynne

Sandra, who is well known to many of you already and is, as we like to call her, the original Crazy Greyhound Lady! Sandra threw herself into rescuing dogs after a career in the nursing sector. With an inexhaustible passion for our hounds, Sandra works tirelessly to make sure our dogs go to perfectly matched homes in her role as Rescue & Rehoming Manager. The dogs are always excited when Sandra is on site as they know she is Queen of hill walks, which they love! Sandra is very experienced in the greyhound rescue field and is therefore able to provide a high level of support to our pre & new adopters & fosterers.


Elaine is our full-time Kennel Assistant. After a career in teaching, Elaine joined us at GRW in March 2018. A hugely valuable team member, as well as being an experienced dog handler, Elaine is patient, kind, with a particular fondness for our more ‘challenging’ dogs! She’s also very handy with a toolbox, which comes in very useful!! Nothing is too much trouble for Elaine, she regularly goes above & beyond to help us & we consider ourselves very lucky to have her onboard. Elaine owns a beautiful boy Blu, who is a Newfoundland/Collie mix.


Alison is our newest team member, starting first as a volunteer, where she proved to be very committed, then moving onto the staff team at Christmas. We were very fortunate to receive a grant which enabled us to employ Alison on a short term contract. Already a huge hit with the dogs, Alison is supremely patient, gentle and loving with our hounds. This means they all adore her already! Having Alison means the Last Hope and house dogs get extra care & attention, which they are loving. In fact only this week Amy agreed to share Alison’s lunch, while her back was turned…! 😁 Alison owns a beautiful Weimaraner called Misty.


Greyhound Rescue Wales is very honoured and pleased to have as its official Patrons Boyd Clack and Kirsten Jones.

Boyd Daniel Clack is a Canadian-born Welsh writer, actor, and musician. He was born in Vancouver, Canada. At a young age, he emigrated with his family to the United Kingdom, where he grew up in Tonyrefail, Wales. His acting credits include Twin Town, High Hopes, and Satellite City, the latter two of which he also co-wrote. He has released the first part of his autobiography. Kisses Sweeter than Wine, and two albums, Welsh Bitter and Labourer of Love. Boyd lives in Cardiff with his partner Kirsten Jones with whom he collaborates and produces projects such as co-writing High Hopes and producing Thick Cut. Boyd loves his cats, watching films, reading and writing. He dedicates his time to supporting charities and mentoring young writers, lending support to Valleys Kids and Hope Animal Rescue amongst other organisations. He is patron of New Horizons, a mental health support charity in the Rhondda Cynon Taff and across the south Wales area.

Our newest Patron is Morgan Jones.

Morgan, a well-known para athlete, is our Patron specifically for Last Hope dogs.