Programme For Change

We have set up this page as a place to post updates on the change project and also host important documents that GRW stakeholders may need access to.

What is the change project?

Over the 28 years since its founding, GRW has grown and expanded to provide support to an ever-greater number of dogs. Trustees felt that GRW needed a review if it was to continue and grow. Martyn Hubbard, formerly of the RSPCA, was commissioned to produce a report. This was presented to members at the AGM in September 2021 and members agreed that change was necessary, inline with Martyn’s report.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this all have to do with the dogs? Isn’t this just a lot of management speak?

The lives of the dogs that GRW helps are affected by everything we do. If there are opportunities to improve the way we do certain things then we should take them because ultimately it will benefit the dogs. By combining several of these improvements into one programme, we can make sure we look at the whole jigsaw of GRW rather than just improving one piece at a time.

It’s true that there is lots of management speak involved, but just as a doctor would use medical terms or a mechanic would use engineering terms, managers use management terms. What you can expect is that important information is written in plain English and the option to follow up with questions is offered.

Why are you asking so many questions? Are you trying to get members/volunteers to do the job for you?

We are asking for people’s thoughts and opinions because they are really important to the programme. The more communication we have, the better we can understand how people feel about the changes that are coming. More importantly, it makes sure that people are engaged and involved with the process, and their voices are listened to.

If we were to only make decisions based on what Trustees/Staff etc. think, then we would be excluding 100s of people who have very important things to say.

Why has the subject of racing featured so heavily? I thought this programme was about the whole of GRW?

There has been a lot of discussion about GRW’s stance on greyhound racing in the first part of the change programme. This is because the first step on the journey is to confirm GRW’s new Vision and Mission. Greyhound racing is one of several key issues that will feature in the new Vision and Mission and we want to know how people feel about it before we look at making any changes. Because greyhound racing has been a hotly debated topic in the past, we wanted to make sure it was given sufficient attention at this stage.

Isn’t the March EGM just a referendum on racing?

Not at all. The March EGM is being held for members to vote on the new Vision and Mission which will affect how GRW changes over the course of the change programme. The stance on racing is included in this, but it is only one part of it. It is important that members are able to vote on this key decision before any changes are made.

I’ve just completed a survey and there were lots of topics missing. Haven’t you thought about any of these?

The surveys that have been released in late 2021/early 2022 are only the first round of communication on this programme. That’s not to say that every round will feature a survey, but the team are working to a plan of the programme and tackling specific issues in order. Some topics will be addressed later in the programme because they need other questions answering first. We couldn’t ask about every topic in one survey because it would take far too long for people to answer all the questions.

Why can’t GRW give more information about ex-racing dogs/trainers/rescue etc?

There are sometimes things that we can’t make public when it comes to rescuing dogs for all sorts of reasons, but our priority is always the safety and welfare of the dogs. GRW has a fantastic track record of rehabilitating and rehoming dogs from all sorts of backgrounds and that story rightly tends to get more publicity as it is what encourages people to adopt dogs in need.