I was very lucky to be welcomed to the Greyhound Rescue Wales Christmas Sighthound Walk in December.  I was personally excited for this as my lurcher is often nervous around smaller dogs, but he is always very excited to greet other sighthounds.  He’s quite often the biggest dog on our local walks, so we thought this would be a great socialising opportunity for him.  The pleasant human interaction for myself was just a bonus! 

The Greyhound Rescue Wales newsletter brought my attention to the walk (sign up here).  The information about the walk & meeting point was very easy to follow.  We met at Blackpill Car Park, Swansea.  This was very easy to get to via car & the car park itself was reasonably priced. 

From here, a group of more sighthounds than I could ever imagine, took a pleasant & easy stroll around the area.  The walk was approximately 35 minutes, with a short cut available. 

The group of consisted of greyhounds, lurchers, & whippets.  Everyone we met was very friendly, approachable, & chatty from the moment we parked up.  Everyone enjoyed sharing their dog’s story, from what they went through, where they came from, the rescue process & what they enjoy getting up to now (some have even become Instagram celebrities!).  I also got to hear lots of interesting & heartwarming foster stories.  The highlight for me was seeing how much these humans love their dogs. 

Some dogs were dressed up for the festivities which was great to see!  As many sighthound owners know, due to their low body fat & thin fur, they get cold easily so it’s a great excuse for a Christmas jumper! 

The Hillcrest Hounds that are currently needing a home also came along!  This was another highlight for me.  These dogs were adorable, very well behaved, & very friendly!  I hope that showing them off with their brightly coloured “adopt me” leads have helped them gain some interest.  My heart was won over by them all but particularly “Berni”, who was dressed up as a Christmas tree!  He seems to be a friendly, sociable boy (who was particularly interested in the nearby beach!).  More information on Berni & the other dogs that need adopting can be found here: https://greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk/adopt/

We finished off the walk with a coffee & hot chocolate from Chap in the Box Coffee (a small coffee stand near the car park, which also catered to varying dietary requirements).  This was a great opportunity for the dogs to get lots of fuss & treats.

To end off the morning, I took my lurcher for a stroll on the beach (it’s just across the road from the car park).  We are not local to Swansea, so it was a lovely opportunity to explore the area. 

As I reflect on the event, one thing that stands out to me is how Greyhounds come in such a variety.  Of course, there are a lot of similarities in this breed, which we have all come to know & love, & yet they also come in such a variety of sizes & personalities.   This has led me to believe there truly is a perfect greyhound match for everyone.