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Greyhound Rescue Wales has found homes for hundreds of greyhounds and lurchers. Most find forever homes within just weeks of arrival and assessment.

Unfortunately, there are some hounds that cannot be re-homed due to ill-health, injuries, or their awful past experiences. These dogs become our 'Sponsor Dogs'.

Our special 'Sponsor Dogs' are fostered for the rest of their natural life by carers who devote all their time, love and affection to the hounds' specific needs. Our 'Sponsor Dogs' require additional financial support for special care, vet bills and behavioural therapy.

With hundreds of beautiful abandoned or injured hounds in our care annually, Greyhound Rescue Wales depends completely on your generosity. We receive no government funding.

We currently have a number of special 'Sponsor Dogs' in need of extra love, care and attention who would value YOU as a sponsor.

Would you like to sponsor a dog for as little as £5 per month?

When you decide to sponsor a dog you'll receive a special Photo Certificate of Your New Dog, a Thank You Card a Surprise Gift and an opportunity to visit Hillcrest Sanctuary.

Or why not sponsor a dog as a gift for someone else? What a great greyhound gift for a dog loving friend.

Your sponsorship contributions are used to help your sponsor dog and all the dogs in our care. The money is used to cover the costs of the dogs training and medical care - all with the ultimate goal of finding each dog a loving home.

Visits to Hillcrest Sanctuary do not involve interaction with these special dogs but sponsors are able to view other dogs in its kennel (please note visits must be by appointment only).

Not only will your sponsorship money go towards your 'Sponsor Dog', your money will go towards helping ALL the dogs in our care.




Beautiful brindle Oscar is an 8 year-old gentleman who came to Greyhound Rescue Wales after a sad series of unsuccessful adoptions. His early start into a racing life consisted of existing in a tiny cage with other dogs. Then, an unsettled adoption past left him with some behavioural problems. We felt it unfair to place Oscar up for yet another adoption. We recognised his bad behaviour was a cry of need for a special life-long foster carer. A super foster carer who was prepared to invest the time and unconditional love needed in order to work through his issues.
After a few tentative weeks, Oscar and his new foster carers all settled into a new home and life together. Heartbreakingly, Oscar had never been ‘played’ with in his life nor had he ever had toys. So, it took a while for him to learn to play and have fun. His new family learned that he needed constant reassurance and a gentle and quiet approach. He was grumpy around feeding times as he thought he had to fight off  others in order for him to get his fill.
So, with constant repetition and gentle manner, his super foster carers have won him round into a well behaved, distinguished gentleman. He is described as a sweet, gentle, timid boy and the quickest food thief ever!!


Ezra - RIP

Black Beauty Ezra came to Greyhound Rescue Wales when he was 9 years old, from a ramshackle allotment and in a horrendous condition. He has lived the remaining years in a warm peaceful foster home.

We have now allocated the funds to Carl, who has been taking into foster as a long term dog with special needs. We are just getting more information......


"We have had Carl (now Carlo) for about two and a half years and he’s turned into a lovely happy and playful boy with much more confidence with strangers. Both he and our other greyhound Effie are both great off the lead with good recall skills. We rarely have to put them on leads (only if sheep are about). Their favourite outing is to the beaches where they can run and run. Carlo loves splashing around in rock pools and playing in the surf. He lives for food and is always ready for treats dancing around and around when there is something on offer. Unfortunately when we adopted him his teeth were in really poor condition, and he has had to have most of them removed, but at least has all the front molars, so he gets by quite well.  He continues with his daily thyroid tablets and six monthly blood check up.
He loves his  home comforts Sofa’s and our super king bed are his favourite places to snuggle up. Loves the car and all the lovely walks we go on in this part of Wales.

4 year-old sweet little black girl came in with a broken hock 🙁  Unfortunately she was never even registered, so we didn't know much about her. Luckily, Summerhill vets, treated her quickly and efficiently. Once on the mend, Carys went into foster care with Bob Hickey.  Unfortunately the hock repair left Carys mechanically lame and she is having ongoing problems with the plate. However, she is still a happy, lovely dog who has settled well in Bob's pack . Due to lameness and ongoing problems it was felt best to leave Carys with Bob as a long term foster.


Is a 9 year old girl that came from Woofles with a major infection in her leg. On top of that she had two major urine infections which lead to  bladder and kidney surgery. Subsequently then had to have a dental and lots of teeth removed. So as you can imagine she has really been through the ropes before even seeing human kindness.  Rita started slowly and steady in her foster home, but this was naturally a long slow process, especially having to gain trust of someone she didn't know giving her medicine etc.. As the progress was slow to start and she grew to only trust her Foster carer, GRW decided to leave her there. Wonderfully she now gives back to the community by providing "Pets as Therapy" work in Caswell Clinic Bridgend.


Pearl - RIP
Pearl was referred to GRW by an all-breed-rescue who said she was probably unable to be homed but wanted to give her one last chance. Pearl was terrified of everything when she first came into our care, refusing to leave the house and spending most of her time in a small back-room or even under the bed. After three years of patient work by her foster carer, Pearl is now enjoying daily walks with her lurcher-companion on the Gower, and she can be left to run free most of the time. Pearl only really trusts her foster carer and she will never be able to leave her, but Pearl is happy and enjoying a great quality of life.

last hope blaze

Last Hope

Please sponsor me! I am coming to GRW with no name, and an injury, so will need lots of love and cuddles. I will need these lovely people to spend money fixing my leg, arm, teeth, head etc. and then show me that humans can be kind. Your money will help take in any Last Hope dog that we come across. We have a huge success rate in rehabilitation and re-homing these beautiful creatures.

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