As a registered charity we always need more money to support the work we do. We welcome people organizing their own fun events to raise donations and will offer support to do this.

Sponsor a Dog (SAD) Scheme
Greyhound Rescue Wales has found homes for hundreds of greyhounds and lurchers. Unfortunately there are also some that cannot be re-homed because of their awful past experiences and these become “long-term residents” who are cared for permanently by foster carers.
We currently have a number of dogs in need of extra care and attention and who would love to have YOU as a sponsor.


Oscar .
8 year old Oscar was rehomed twice but returned with body handling, resource guarding and dominating issues . He also has some arthritic issues which make him difficult to rehome . He did not thrive well in kennels so went to long term foster.

Ezra .
Came to us as a 9 year old allotment dog in poor condition with really bad teeth. Ended up with a major dental and most teeth removed. Went to live with a sweet little old lady who went on to develop dementia. Came back to us and ended up in 2 foster homes that didn't work out. Now found the ideal foster home.

Carys .
4 year old sweet little black girl came off YM track with a broken hock. Never even registered, so no racing name. Broken hock plated at Summerhill vets. Went in to foster care with Bob Hickey.  Hock repair left Carys mechanically lane and she is having ongoing problems with the plate, which may have to be removed. Carys was happy in Bob's pack . Due to lameness and ongoing problems it was felt best to leave Carys with Bob as a long term foster.

Came from Woofles with a major infection in her leg. 9 year old girl . Had 2 major urine infections which lead to surgery querying Ca bladder or kidneys but NAD. Subsequently had a dental and lots of teeth removed . Seriously intolerant of some other dogs. Managed well in her foster home, so was decided to leave her there. Has gone on to do PAT work in Caswell Clinic Bridgend.

Murphy 2

7 year old ex racer. Was a long termer at Woofles before coming to us .  Came with severe fresh scarring from trauma at Woofles . Went to a home, but came back after killing a neighbours small dog that wandered in to his secure garden. Has some private space issues and is very regimented to routine . Because of his history he would be difficult to rehome

Pearl was referred to GRW by an all breed rescue who said she was probably unable to be homed but wanted to give her one last chance. Pearl was terrified of everything when she first came into our care, refusing to leave the house and spending most of her time in a small back-room or even under the bed. After three years patient work by her foster carer Pearl is now enjoying daily walks with her lurcher-companion on the Gower where she lives, and she can be left to run free most of the time. Pearl only really trusts her foster carer and she will never be able to leave her but Pearl is happy, and enjoying a quality of life no-one ever really believed she would have when she first came to GRW.

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Sponsor a Kennel (SAK) Scheme

At Greyhound Rescue Wales we are constantly approached to take in and, in many cases, save a grey-hounds and lurchers lives. There is a never ending flow of dogs needing homes once the racing industry or owners have finished with them. So consequently we have many dogs on our waiting list at any given time.

The gift you give of sponsoring a kennel will save the lives of many dogs and help look after them until they can be successfully re-homed. Every new ken-nel we provide will allow us to save approximately 10 dogs a year.

Our Kennel Sponsorship works in the following way: we have several kennels which we use for sponsorship. As a dog gets re-homed another homeless hound takes its place in the kennel. You are not just sponsoring one dog, who could be homed quite quickly, but you will be sponsoring a kennel in which many dogs should come and go throughout the year!

For the kennel you would like to sponsor for the year you will receive updates on all the dogs that stay in your kennel throughout the year

For 60 pence per week you can help unwanted and abused greyhounds get the love and care that they so desperately need through our SAD and SAK Schemes

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