Greyhound Rescue Wales is a charity made up of mainly of unpaid volunteers and rely on our greyhound supporters. Some volunteers are regular, while others volunteer on an ad hoc basis.

You can help by microvolunteering, which means you do not have to commit to set days, times, etc., or you can become one of our more regular volunteers.

If you wish to take part in microvolunteering click here for ideas. You do not need to fill in an application form for microvolunteering.

Below are the areas where we have regular volunteers. Each section states whether or not posts are vacant. If you are interested in any of these please fill in our online form stating what you would like to do and someone will get back to you.

There is information on what is involved under each section.


A few of our star volunteers 2018

Human Resources: No vacancies

We need people , or one person, depending on your time availability to help us with HR commitments.


HR assistant role description

Emergency retail manager: Posts Vacant

We need people to cover our shops at a manager level in emergencies. We do have one volunteer but more are invited.

Training given.

Role description and further information

Hillcrest Gardener: No vacancies at present

We need people to help keep the Hillcrest grounds beautiful


Role description and further information

Dog transporting: No Vacancies due to Covid

Volunteers are needed to transport dogs to their homes, to our kennels and to veterinary practices.

Home-checking: No Vacancies due to Covid

We also need people to home-check.

Meet Nigel and Ash – Homecheckers for GRW

Find out about becoming a Homechecker for GRW

Help in fundraising

Many of our fundraising ideas may not be possible because of covid, though we hope that we will be in a position to resume a normal service. Then we will need help organising fund-raising activities, helping at street collections or at the various shows and events we attend each year.

We attend shows or have our own fun dog shows through the year, in addition to sponsored walks. This gives us another opportunity to raise funds. In the past we have had various stalls including bring and buy, raffles, plants, cakes, cards and tombola. We have a merchandise stall which is ongoing. If you have any fresh ideas which you think would boost this side of our fund raising, please contact us.

We have more information on fundraising here, several of which are possible despite Covid restrictions.


Dog Fostering: We only need specialist fosterers at present

For general information on fostering look here.

If you want to foster you need to fill in a specific foster form, here.

Special needs dogs vary. They may, for example, only be housed as lone dogs, they may need frequent trips to the vet, they may be incontinent.

At present (9.9.20) we need a special needs foster for Suki, a strong, active lurcher.


Professional advice

We also need the help of professionals to advise us on legal issues, technical issues, land management, plumbing, building work, fencing, drainage, catering, event organisation – you name it we now need it!



Street collections: No Vacancies due to Covid

We need people to organise and attend street collections. If you are able to join in with the street collections, you would be most welcome. These collections can be fun and very rewarding, as apart from bringing in much needed funds, the greyhounds themselves attract a very positive reaction from the public, especially children. We regularly get comments like “We’ve been told they make very good pets. “Isn’t it awful the way they are treated.”, “What is their history?”, “Are they easy to look after?”, “Good luck! You’re doing a great job.” and “Oh, they ’re lovely dogs.”

Shop Volunteers. Vacancies are available in all shops except Cardiff

We wouldn't get far without our shop volunteers. Shops are our largest source of income. We have shops in Merthyr, Cardiff, Neath, Blackwood and Swansea and are always looking for more people to help all these shops, except Cardiff.

Learn more about shop volunteering.

Meet shop volunteer Carol Gwilliam


We point out that money collected goes to funding the cost of the sanctuary, plus jabs, micro chipping and neutering. This is ongoing. As one dog is adopted there is always another waiting to come in. There have been instances where children have not wanted to leave the dogs on our collections – we have had young children give all their pocket money when on a day out shopping – there are endless, heart-warming stories like this that re-kindle your belief in human kindness in times of economic hardship.

However, the harsh truth is we need more of almost everything – and not always does that equate to cash. We do need people with time, energy and effort to help us with the practical tasks that we come up against.

Hillcrest: No vacancies at present

Hillcrest is our rehoming centre situated in Ammanford. It is where our hounds come to recuperate and be assessed prior to adoption. 

We need two volunteers, each to work 7.30am to 1pm. It would involve; kennel cleaning, poo picking, feeding and exercising. You would need to commit to one regular morning a week. You would need to be robust enough to handle large, excitable dogs!

Hillcrest volunteer person spec.

More information on gardening and DIY vacancies

Meet Hillcrest volunteer Fiona Fair




Do you want to help create and implement strategy and good practice for Greyhound Rescue Wales?

We are particularly interested in talking to people with specific skills and experience such as: legal, property management, fund-raising, HR, knowledge of animal charities and if possible greyhound rescue, dog behaviourists or veterinary practitioners. (the list is not exhaustive) 

We are particularly keen to achieve a diverse board of trustees and welcome applications from all sections of the community.

Find out more about becoming a trustee

We also need donations and volunteers for our charity shops – unwanted Christmas and birthday presents, vintage clothing and goods are all welcome and can help raise funds to support our hounds.

GRW Volunteer Strategy

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