As many of you know, we had our windows smashed at our Greyhound Rescue Wales, Neath Shop last month, landing us with a huge bill as our insurance wouldn’t cover this.Β 

Many of you saw our plea for help to raise the funds to pay for this as we hate to use money that was meant for the hounds. You stepped up and our supporters made some incredible donations to help us foot the bill.
JR Pet Products Ltd also saw our plea for help. Terry and Jonathan rushed over to Neath like white knights and handed over a cheque for a whopping Β£2,000! 😱😱 Neath shop manager Karen had to sit down for a while afterwards πŸ˜…
Thanks to the generosity of everyone who helped us raise these funds. The generosity we have seen has utterly astounded us.
*The extra funds raised from this will go towards insurance premiums to ensure we are never put in this difficult position again and CCTV security at the shops to help protect them.*