Jade was extremely ill over New Year but thankfully received the veterinary care she needed to recover

Greyhound Rescue Wales’ Last Hope Fund was set up to help rescue, treat and re-home especially desperate greyhounds or lurchers whose lives are in immediate danger.

We are extremely grateful for all the support given in the name of Last Hope, but we also like to highlight the good work that the fund does to show that your support really does make a difference.

Jade is the latest example of a dog being saved by the intervention of the Last Hope fund. Over Christmas, Jade was on foster under another charity when her fosterer began to notice signs that she was unwell. On New Year’s Eve, Jade was worsening still and, being out of hours, her fosterer was struggling to contact anyone. After getting in touch with Greyhound Rescue Wales, Jade was rushed to the vets where it was discovered she had a potentially life-threatening infection. She had a stay of several days in the vets ahead of her where she received intravenous antibiotics and fluids amongst other treatment.

Thankfully Jade is well on the road to recovery at our Hillcrest centre and will soon be back to her former self, ready to find her forever home.

The Last Hope fund has covered the cost of Jade’s veterinary care which currently stands at over £2000. Without the contribution of our amazing supporters we simply wouldn’t be able to help dogs like Jade.

If you think you could donate to the Last Hope fund, click the button below. Every contribution helps no matter how large or small.