Microvolunteering offers volunteers a series of easy tasks that can be done in short, bite-sized chunks. They can be done anywhere, and on the volunteer’s own terms. The key benefit in microvolunteering is flexibility. It breaks through the biggest barrier to volunteering: lack of time. It also enables people who might be excluded from traditional volunteering to participate.

And microvolunteering really does make a difference. So how can you help?

Advocacy and marketing

  • Reacting to our posts on Facebook or sharing our tweets.
  • Making YouTube videos advertising us.
  • Write stories for us to put online or in Greyhound Express

YouTube videos or stories to go online can be emailed to carolyn.graves-brown@greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk for consideration.



  • Crafts (can be sold online)
  • Donate money (their are links from the top of this page)