Tim Doyle
Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle


Hello. My name is Tim Doyle and I am GRW’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

About Me

My management and leadership journey started supervising small teams in the transport industry. At 23, I passed selection to join the Royal Air Force as a Logistics Officer. I served full-time for 7 years, the highlight of my career being leading a team of 150 personnel in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, I decided to leave full-time service and became self-employed in management consultancy, with GRW being one of my first clients. I learnt so much about greyhound rescue in this time and when the position of CEO came up, I couldn’t wait to apply. I have been a lifelong “dog person” and in many ways, this is my dream job! Combining my love of animals with a passion for leadership and management is not an opportunity that comes along every day.

I currently have one greyhound of my own. Brindley (pictured) retired from racing at the age of 5 in Spring 2021 and is very much enjoying his new home. He lives with me and my partner Marianne on our narrowboat.

About My Role

As CEO, my primary job is to lead, manage and support our staff and volunteers in their roles. As the senior staff member, I provide the link between the strategic (long-term) direction given by the trustees and the operational (day-to-day) direction passed on to staff and volunteers.

Previously, much of this work was done by trustees or other managers within GRW. As part of GRW’s recent organisational review the trustees felt that, because GRW was now much larger, this was no longer sustainable for the future. My focus now is to establish this new structure, while growing GRW for the future.

If you would like to contact me directly or ask any questions, by all means email me through our contact page.