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Pictured: Abbie, who lived a painful life of confinement before being rescued by Greyhound Rescue Wales

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You’ll receive a special welcome pack with a photo certificate of your new sponsor dog, a thank you card, a surprise gift, and an opportunity to visit our Hillcrest centre*.


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*Visits to our Hillcrest Centre do not involve interaction with these special dogs but sponsors are able to view other dogs at Hillcrest (please note: visits are by appointment only).


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy a sponsorship for somebody as a gift?

Absolutely! Just select ‘Buy as a Gift’ on the signup form below

I want to contribute more than £5/month. How can I do this?

Donating a little extra each month makes a big difference to dogs needing our help. Simply choose the additional amount you’d like to donate on the form below.

I have a problem/I have some questions about sponsorship. Can you help?

Please email fundraising@greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk and one of the team will get back to you shortly.

I want to sponsor more than one dog. How can I do this?

You can complete the sign-up form as many times as you like for multiple sponsorships. As long as you use the same name and email address, our system will match all your sponsorships to your record.

Is there any other way I can sponsor a dog without putting my bank details in online?

Our sponsorship is set up entirely online to ensure the most secure way to setup. We use a proven, completely secure way to take your financial details. It’s more secure than posting an application or discussing bank details over the phone with an operator.

Our current sponsor dogs:

Current Sponsors: 2

Read their story

Abbie and Albus are our infamous welfare whippet and bull lurcher duo who hit the headlines in early 2023 for their sad tale. They were living in squalid conditions with other dogs when, by pure chance, two of the dogs (Abbie and another) escaped and were running loose in the streets. Abbie was sadly struck by a car which led to the police attending the scene. With the help of neighbours and the vets that treated Abbie’s injuries, the police tracked down the owner and found poor Albus locked in a cupboard with no food, starving and alone, as well as the other dogs living in equally awful conditions.

The police contacted us and asked for our help, and we were more than happy to oblige.

Both Abbie and Albus have lifelong conditions that could affect their health in the future so it was decided that they should remain under our medical care. They will live out their happy lives in loving forever foster homes, surrounded by home comforts and the love they deserve.

Not Available to Sponsor

Read Mika's Story

🌈We are sad to announce the passing of one of our beautiful sponsor dogs, Mika.🌈

We received a request for help with Mika in 2022 because his owner was transferred into respite care then longer term care after falling ill. Mika was still a bouncy, happy boy at the age of 12 when he came in to our care, but due to age-related mobility problems, he required expensive lifelong care, so he was placed in a permanent foster home with a new sister, Rosie, also from GRW.

Mika lived life to the full throughout his senior years, but sadly his health declined and after suffering with lameness, it was clear that even the strongest of medicines weren’t able to manage his pain levels. Mika was a high risk case for sedation and anaesthetic and it was felt that it was kindest to let him go peacefully with his loving guardian at his side.

We cannot thank Nicola (his guardian) enough for the love and care she has shown to Mika, making his retirement days full of happiness and comfort.

Sleep well Mika.

Current Sponsors: 9

Read Carys' Story

Carys is a sweet 10 year-old black girl who came in with a broken hock. Unfortunately, she was never even registered, so we didn’t know much about her. Luckily, our vets were able to treat her quickly and efficiently. Once on the mend, Carys went into a home with her new fosterer Bob Hickey. Unfortunately, the hock repair left Carys mechanically lame and she has ongoing problems with the plate that was needed for her leg to heal. However, she is still a happy, lovely dog who has settled well in Bob’s pack . Due to lameness and ongoing problems it was felt best to leave Carys with Bob as a long term foster.

Current Sponsors: 31

Read Last Hope's Story

Last Hope was a racing greyhound who raced at all three of the tracks that were operating in Wales at the time, and was also known as ‘Rusty’ and ‘Score’. He was found left for dead on a mountainside in the Rhymney Valley in South Wales with a hole in his forehead and both ears cut off in an attempt to hide his identity. After being discovered by a walker, Greyhound Rescue Wales and RSPCA personnel rushed to Last Hope’s aid, but he sadly had to be put to sleep shortly afterwards as his injuries were too severe.

Like so many racing greyhounds, Last Hope was the victim of a botched attempt at euthanasia performed by an unqualified person without proper equipment. The person who did this to Last Hope had no regard for the prolonged suffering they would inflict on him. Their attempts to hide Last Hope’s identity clearly showed a pre-meditated plan to commit such an act.

Since discovering Last Hope, we are determined to bring lasting good out of such extreme cruelty. By setting up a sponsorship in Last Hope’s memory, you can ensure that we continue our work to save greyhounds and lurchers in need, and work towards a day where no more dogs have to suffer this fate.

Current Sponsors: 11

Read Rodney's Story

Rodney is an 8 year old boy who has been declared a new addition to the Sponsor a Dog team. Rodney has been struggling with pain for some time not just with his early-onset arthritis that requires expensive regular physio, but a foot infection that was identified on arrival, and corns on his feet.

Rodney has been finding it all incredibly stressful and can be quite shy at first, but he is settling well and with the help of GRW Sponsor a Dog, his future looks much brighter.

Current Sponsors: 0

Read Lucy's Story

Lucy is a beautiful older lady who came to us as one of a large group of greyhounds who were being kept in a back garden in poor condition.

12 year old Lucy had been used for breeding and was in a very sorry state; underweight, poor teeth condition, overbred and with untreated arthritis.

We wanted to make sure that Lucy never had to wait for medical care ever again, so we put her in a wonderful foster home with a fantastic supporter, to ensure she lives out her days under our care, with all her needs met, happy and content, as she should be.

Current Sponsors: 0

Read Amy's Story

Amy is a 5 year old greyhound girl who, because of the covid lockdown, was never raced. Because of this, she was relinquished to Battersea extremely shy and afraid of the outside world. Battersea felt that she would benefit from a quieter, breed-specific rescue who could cater to her behavioural needs and contacted us.

It has been a very long journey for Amy to learn about the enormous world around her and start to feel comfortable in herself.

Amy spent a long time in our quiet kennels, slowly being introduced to a new life, before being moved in to an experienced and sensitive foster home who have worked hard to help her build her confidence. Amy is a permanent foster so that our experienced and qualified staff can support Amy’s incredible foster family as they help her on her journey.

Current Sponsors: 4

Read Balo's Story

We received a request to help Balo after his owner was sadly admitted in to a care home and he had no where else to turn. Balo’s home boarder got in touch with us and asked if we could help him. Balo is a 12 year old greyhound who is completely blind, and his boarder was concerned about his future prospects.

We offered Balo a permanent foster placement with us to ensure that all his needs will be taken care of during his advanced years. We are asking our supporters to consider sponsoring Balo to help us whilst we provide him with all the care he deserves.

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