Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge page is set up in memory of your beautiful hound. Many greyhounds transform adopters lives and become family very quickly. It’s unbearable losing your companion, best friend, fur baby. Our greyhounds live on in our memories and we wish them a safe passing. If you would like to add a hound to this page please email a picture of your dog and a few details to: info@greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk.

Nancy - Simon and Janet Monks

Sid - Simon and Janet Monks

Benny - Simon and Janet Monks

Von - Sue and Greg

Cilla - Terry Ledwith

Jay - Jean Fowlds

Nanny McPhee - Helen Roberts


Sammy - Chris Dignam

William - Dom Hughes

India - Helen Jenkins and Matt Sim

Banjo - Sandra Wynne

Bryn - Andy and Lindsay Jackson

Baldrick - Carol and Ged Brassey

Homer - Carol and Ged Brassey

Suzie - Dianne Darton

Nell - Dianne Darton

Dusty - Lynda Anthony

Flint - Lynda Anthony

Duke - Mandy Howells

Jasper - Carol and Ged Brassey

Holly - Zoe McDonald

Beau - Terry and Pauline Jones

Barbara - Jacky Boulby

Harvey - Louise Rowlands

Tyler - Jacky Boulby

Cocoa - Andrea Harford

Duke - Mandy Howells

Poppy - Laura Robinson

Lotte - Sandra Wynne

Sebastian - Ranee and Steve Horgan

Twiggy - Christine Jackson

Oliver Twist - Sue Lewis and Greg

Henry Henry - Kerry Baker

Tammy - Susan Davies

Lizzie - Susan Davies

Lilly - Dianne Darton

Millie - Annabelle Franklin

Luna - Mark, Sharon

Judy - Andrea Harford

Connie - John, Leslie, Lucy

Pearl - Annabelle Franklin

Nola - Melanie Hurley

Freckles - Roger and Adele

Patch - Magdalena Gryczmanska

Maude - Magdalena Gryczmanska

Wesley - Laura Morris

Poppy - Betty Horton

Celt - John Williams

Scott - Angela and Chris Gliddon

Roman - Rebecca Stevens

Iolo - Joy Harris

Toby - Andrew and Jacquie McVay

Winnie - Karen and Martin Townend

Finn - Betty Horton

Hector - Malcolm, Louise, Angel and Luke Eames

Sooty - Tracey Smith

Gwen - The Price Family

Inca - Gwenno, Deian and Alys