Last Hope Fund

The Story of Last Hope

Last Hope was a racing greyhound who raced at all three of the independent tracks that were operating in Wales at the time, and was also known as ‘Rusty’ and ‘Score’. He was found left for dead on a mountainside with a hole in his forehead and both ears cut off to hide his identity. His killer had been paid £10 to dispose of him.

Last Hope was a stark example of the dark and secretive world of the disposal of unwanted racing greyhounds, known as ‘wastage’ within the industry. Just 2 years after Last Hope’s discovery, national press broke the news of David Smith, a builder’s merchant in County Durham who used similar methods to dispose of upwards of 10,000 unwanted greyhounds.

A Fund in Memory of Last Hope

Having witnessed such immense cruelty with their own eyes, those within Greyhound Rescue Wales at the time were determined to bring about some lasting good in memory of Last Hope. The Last Hope Fund was established to pay for the care costs of sick and injured greyhounds and lurchers who may otherwise have to be put to sleep, particularly those who are facing expensive or lifelong care complications.

To date, the fund has paid out well over £100,000 in veterinary and care costs and has given countless dogs a second chance when they had nowhere else to turn. Many of these dogs have gone on to live long and peaceful lives in their forever homes.

Case Study: Hector

Hector came to Greyhound Rescue Wales with a severe front leg fracture sustained while racing at the Valley Greyhound Stadium. The severity of his injury and the complex care required to rehabilitate him meant he was facing a difficult and expensive recovery that an individual adopter would be unable to provide alone.

The Last Hope Fund initially paid out almost £5,000 in surgery costs to repair Hector’s leg which required a metal plate and a total of 11 screws. Not only that, but the fund continued to cover Hector’s ongoing costs and ultimately paid out over £10,000 to ensure he was properly rehabilitated in his forever home.

Hector very sadly passed away recently following a period of illness. Although the death of any dog is heartbreaking, Hector was able to live his final years in a loving home and pass away peacefully in the arms of people who cared for him deeply. In many ways, Hector’s story is the epitome of the Last Hope Fund: to give dogs a second chance at life, a life they truly deserve.

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