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About PALS

Our PALS project is dedicated to helping those greyhounds and lurchers in our care that need additional support and training; both during their transition with us at our rehoming centre and when settling into their new home.

A PALS dog can be considered as such for many different reasons such as nervous or fearful behaviours, undesirable inherent traits, and behaviours or characteristics that have developed from within the environment that they were raised from puppyhood. Examples of this include lived experiences, trauma response, learnt behaviours, aversive training methods, medical issues, lack of socialisation and many more.

We fully assess all dogs that come into our care and can quickly identify when a dog may have additional needs. We have worked with dogs that are dog/human reactive, fearful of certain things/environments, dogs lacking in confidence in general, dogs that have not been socialised, those with no life skills and dogs who have suffered a trauma in some way.

As a team we love having the opportunity to work with these dogs and nurture and support them to able to start their new lives. It’s amazing to turn around a ‘last chance’ dog. The support we need to give these dogs is individual to the dog and most often means a dog will remain in our care for longer. This extra support can include:

  • Longer time in our care
  • More staff time working with the dog
  • Foster care
  • Training and behavioural support
  • Behavioural/anxiety supplements
  • Behavioural/anxiety medications
  • Special diets
  • Special equipment

Once we have rehabilitated these dogs to being ready for their new life, we look for very special homes for them. These dogs may have additional needs for life and perhaps need specific types of family, home environments, walk locations, or a need to live with or apart from other pets. Some of these dogs will need further training or behaviour support in their new home or to continue on medication/diets or supplements and we provide this to make sure they stay in happy healthy relationships with their adopters.

Could you offer one of these very special dogs a chance?