Can you help get a dog from ‘Kennels to Cuddles’?

What is fostering?

Fostering is looking after a dog in your own home. It can be for a short period of time (e.g. dogs waiting for adoption) or for a longer period (e.g. dogs with conditions needing long-term support.)

Fostering is a vital part of our rescue and rehoming operations and we simply wouldn’t be able to help the numbers of dogs that we do without the hard work and dedication of our fosterers.

Why foster?

Fostering is extremely rewarding, and people foster for many reasons. It might be they can’t commit to a dog long term, want to gain experience or just want to help out a hound in need.

Fostering helps us in all sorts of situations. It may be because our kennels are full and the dog’s intake is urgent, it might be because another foster carer needs holiday/sickness cover, or a dog is injured and needs some TLC. It might be a nervous dog who needs more one-to-one human interaction, or it could even be a bitch awaiting puppies. Having a dog in a foster home helps out by creating kennel space and also helps the dog learn how to live in a home. Fosterer feedback about what the dog is like to live with is an essential part of finding the right forever home for our dogs.

What do I need to foster a dog?

Your own transport

The ability to take your foster dog to the vet when needed

A home with no children under the age of 10

The ability to travel to our Hillcrest centre for Meet and Greets/Handovers/Adoptions to take place (or to host these at your home if you are not local to Hillcrest)

To commit to a 6-week minimum period of fostering (some fosters may be shorter)

To provide regular updates of your foster dog’s progress and/or inform us of any issues

What does Greyhound Rescue Wales provide?

Physical supplies and consumables such as bedding, food, accessories etc.

Full cover for any vet bills

Behavioural assistance and advice to make sure your foster dog has a happy stay in your home

If you are interested in fostering but aren’t sure about something, please get in touch by clicking the button above and completing the online form. We are always willing to discuss individual circumstances to see if they might suit one of our dogs.