We run a campaign called “Stand up for greyhounds and lurchers in Wales” to highlight the need to join or renew membership of GRW. It  gives six reasons why we need our membership to grow and is included here for your information:

If you really care about the lives of greyhounds and lurchers it’s now time to stand up and be counted and put your name on the dotted line of our membership forms. Standing on the side-lines and wishing us well is no longer enough.

  1. The pace of change at Greyhound Rescue Wales has increased dramatically. We now own our own sanctuary, have rebuilt our website and membership database, have increased the number of dogs we have rescued and rehomed and have opened several charity shops all in the space of recent years. This growth needs to be built on firm financial foundations and that security can only be achieved by a wide and active membership.
  2. The amount of influence we hold is directly related to the number of active members we have
  3. It’s now so easy. You can sign up and pay from the comfort of your own home using our website through direct debit, PayPal or standing order. But if you are old school we still accept membership forms on paper and cheques through the post
  4. It’s not expensive! If you set up and pay by direct debit or standing order, you won’t even miss it.
  5. You won’t get dozens of money off offers, or loads of junk mail, instead what you get by joining Greyhound Rescue Wales is that priceless feeling of being part of an organisation that is saving the lives of greyhounds and lurchers every year – but we will send you our twice yearly magazine “Greyhound Express” as well as our e-newsletter. You can also get access to our web members only pages.

You can help us by becoming a member of GRW. You don’t have to have a greyhound/lurcher or even a dog at all! Your membership will help us to save more and more hounds, and the regular income that membership brings us allows us to plan better for the future.

We have two categories of membership

Honorary Life Membership

This is, as it says for ‘Life’ and is for those members who were previously paid up Life Members and for new members, awarded by the Trustees as a mark of exceptional contribution to GRW


This category is granted automatically to all who adopt one of our dogs and runs for from the date of adoption to the following 1 st March. After the initial period members must renew their membership and pay the relevant fee. Also if you make a regular donation to GRW equivalent to £4/month through any of our payment schemes such as the ‘Hillcrest Supper Club’, ‘Make a Difference’ (MaD), ‘Sponsor a Dog (SAD), ‘Last Hope’ or ‘Facebook Followers Club (FFC)’. This form of membership is automatically renewed each year for as long as the donation is in place.

As a ‘Member’ in this category you receive our bi-annual publication “Greyhound Express” as well as our periodic e-newsletter. You are able to vote at our AGM or EGM meetings and will receive any other membership benefits that may from time to time be available.

There are many benefits of becoming a member – both to you and the dogs. Membership provides a valuable source of income to support our work and also enables you to keep in touch with the organisation and its activities.


  • Waged Single
    1 year £30
  • Waged Household
    1 year £40
  • Unwaged Single
    1 year £15
  • Unwaged Household
    1 year £20

You can become a member or renew by post using this form -> Membership Application

Or you can join on line by clicking here -> Join GRW

Or you can renew your membership by clicking here -> Renew

Or you can update your membership details by clicking here->Update