Memorial Hounds

Memorial Hounds

Our memorial hounds are a great way to honour a greyhound-loving family member who has passed.

For many years, Greyhound Rescue Wales has honoured our supporters and their family members’ passing by naming a new arrival after them. This has previously been done informally, with trustees, volunteers and staff members nominating those they feel deserve to be remembered with a memorial hound. We now feel, however, that the time has come to open up our memorial hounds to ALL greyhound lovers who are no longer with us.

Unfortunately at this time, Memorial Hounds are reserved to remember human supporters only.

How does it work?

The family member or friend of the person they wish to honour can fill out our form, requesting a dog is named in memory of their loved-one. The form is then forwarded to our income generation manager and treasurer who processes the request and coordinates with our kennel and rehoming managers to check availability.

A maximum of two kennel dogs at one time will hold the title of memorial dogs. This may mean that there is a waiting list, or a delay in naming a dog after your loved one. However, memorial hounds are special and worth waiting for.

We will keep the contact updated on the progress of their memorial hound, informing them when the dog is ready for adoption and when they go off to their new homes. This is normally where the contact ends, however we may forward photos of the dog in their forever homes if the adopter gives permission.

We request that the adopters keep the name to honour their namesake for the rest of the dog’s life. 

Does it cost?

There is a donation option on the form when applying for a memorial hound name, however this is not compulsory. Sometimes, funds are raised from funerals in lieu of flowers, or they have ran a fundraiser in memory of a loved one, and a memorial hound is a nice way to mark the donation made. 

I wish to leave a legacy. How can I do this?

Greyhound Rescue Wales is an entirely independent charity that receives no government funding or lottery funding towards the running of the charity. Much of our progress over the years has been due to the generosity of those who have left a monetary gift to us in their will, such as purchasing our Hillcrest sanctuary.

To find out more about remembering Greyhound Rescue Wales in your will, check out our webpage here,

or email to discuss further.