Greyhound Watch Wales

Providing transparency for racing greyhounds in Wales

Pictured: Jilly, who lost her leg as a result of racing at the Valley Greyhound Stadium in Ystrad Mynach

What is Greyhound Watch Wales?

We believe the public has a right to make an informed choice about greyhound racing.

Commercial greyhound racing in Great Britain is not regulated by an independent body, but is overseen by the industry itself. We feel there has to be a level of scrutiny over racing greyhounds in Wales that is fully independent from the racing industry, openly reporting problems to the public when they occur. This not only includes information from races, but also issues around the welfare of racing greyhounds across Wales more generally.

This page provides a ‘feed’ of such information that is arranged chronologically and is freely available to anyone who wishes to see it. As far as is possible, sources are provided for all information to enable anyone to cross-reference and investigate incidents further should they wish.

Injuries Explained

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) does not publish details of injuries and deaths at individual tracks, only annual totals for all GBGB licensed tracks combined. This industry secrecy obscures the safety record of individual tracks from public knowledge. 

However, in addition to giving each dog’s finishing time, GBGB race results use a series of abbreviations to describe what happens in each race such as Bmp (bumped), BBmp (Badly Bumped), Stb (Stumbled), FcdCk (forced to check), Crd (Crowded), Fell (Fell), null(DIS) (no time recorded, finished at a distance) or DNF (Did Not Finish). 

From these results, live broadcasts, and other sources, we are able to monitor and gather evidence. As a result, we know dogs frequently get into trouble at Wales’ only remaining track. Indeed, in some races as many as 5 out of the 6 dogs are recorded in results as having run into each other. Greyhounds run at over 40mph, and collisions such as these are extremely dangerous. 

Without access to track-level injury data, it is not always possible to know the severity of a dog’s injuries when it is recorded as having fallen and not finished a race. By the same token, even dogs which complete the course without obvious incident may come off lame having have sustained injuries such as hairline fractures or muscular or tendon damage.


All racing information refers to the Valley Greyhound Stadium (Wales’ only remaining track) unless otherwise stated.

09 May 24

KILLGLEN NOAH clearly injured or unwell, out of the traps on run up to first bend, (CKRunUp. Null(DIS)) in 20.24 race. 

07 May 24

EDWARD EM did not finish again, after pulling up injured for second time in just over 1 month, (CK1, DNF) in 15.18 race. Previous DNF on 04 April 2024.

VISA VERSA badly bumped and pulled up in 16.38 race (BBmp1,Ck2, null(DIS))

05 May 24

MOHICAN BLUE collides with SHEWONTBECAUGHT in the 12.08 race. Listed as “stopped” 2nd bend did not finish in results (VSAw,BBmp&Stopped2, null(DNF)). Video (below) appears to show they were knocked over.

SWIFT CURIOUS & BLUE SMURF both knocked over in 13.04 race, and

CAPTAINANNE knocked over in 14.22 race.

27 out of 60 dogs listed in the results for this meeting as having collided (Bmp or Bbmp) with another dog. Some dogs involved in more than one collision in a single race.

30 Apr 24

SHES A JOKER falls badly in the 17.37 race (FcdTCk1,Stb&Fell2, null(DIS))

28 Apr 24

FINAL CAHIR hit on back by heavy metal gate as traps fail to operate properly at start of 12.08 race. No record of incident on GBGB website, as results page simply lists “No Race”.

25 Apr 24

CASTELL JOHN knocked over in 18.34 race, after colliding with MILLTOWN PEG & TOBERGAL SUZANNE (VSAw,FcdTCk&KO2, null(DIS)).

23 Apr 24

KNOCK ZUES (BBmp&KO1, null(DIS)) collides with AFAN BELLE (BBmp1) and is knocked over in the 16.18 race.

11 Apr 24

19.23 Race, SHEWONTBECAUGHT fell at first bend after colliding with another dog (BBmp&Fell1, null(DIS)). In same race TINTOWN NOAH left lying on track, in front of finishing line, in clear distress and unable to stand (Cramped&FellNrLn, null(DNF))

9 Apr 24

COUNTY JAIL, only 17 months old, knocked over in her very first race. 16.18 race  (VSAw, FcdTCk&KO1, null(DIS))

04 Apr 24

EDWARD EM pulled up injured and did not finish (DNF) in 20.56 race. Listed as “BrokeDown 1 / 2, null(DNF)”

24 Mar 24

SHEADOGUE BABSknocked over in the 14.42 race (SAw,FcdTCk&KO1, null(DIS))

REFRESHER collides with another dog on the first bend, and is knocked over, in the 19.23 race (BBmp1,FcdTCk&KO1, null(DIS)).

ASHWOOD LILY collides with another dog on the first bend of the 13.22 race. Does not fall but video shows her clearly injured, limping home long after the rest of the field (Bmp1,Ck2, null(DIS)).

17 Mar 24

PANDY JACK barely able to get out of the traps. Listed as forced to check run up and first bend (FcdTCkRunUp&1). Clearly injured in19.08 race. Finished almost 3 sec behind the winner. PANDY JACK has come last for 12 straight races.

GENEVA JOSIE fell in a trial (VSAw,Crd&Fell1, null(DIS))

KANSAS CITY LIFE (trap 5) and LIGHTFOOT MUMBA (trap 1) narrowly avoid serious injury as traps malfunction at the start of the 11.49 race.

10 Mar 24

ROUND IN CIRCLES  fell in the 12.08 race  (QAw,Crd&Fell ½, null(DIS))

BING SIENNA also fell in the 20.41 race (FcdTCk&Fell2, null(DIS))

5 Mar 24

PANDY JENSON knocked over on 1st bend of 15.38 race (FcdTCk&KO1), given finishing time 1.98 seconds slower than previous dog.

TINTOWN GABRIEL (Led1-2,Bmp3,Stb&KO ¾, null(DIS)) and ON THE SOD (Crd1&3,FcdTCk&KO ¾, null(DIS)) collide, both knocked over, on final bend race 17.37 race.

3 Mar 24

EVIES CHOICE knocked over in 11.49 race (FcdTCk&KO1, null(DIS)) in collision with BLUETOOTH who appears to run into rails (not recorded in GBGB results).

STEP RIGHT IN knocked over on 1st bend of 12.08 sprint (FcdTCk&KO1, null(DIS)).

RANDOM VICKY also collides with another dog & hits the ground on 1st bend in 12.46 race but not listed as having fallen (QAw,CrdRunUp,FcdTCk&StbB1, null(DIS)).).

29 Feb 24

HAWKFIELD HOPE did not finish after incident on first bend of 1.04 race (Ck1, null(DNF))

Every dog in the 12.08 race collides with another dog at least once.

25 Feb 24

RANCHES BANDIT forced wide on 1st bend in 1.04 race and ran head first into concrete wall. Hare stopped and race abandoned.  GBGB official results simply state “no race” against RANCHES BANDIT’s name.

OLIVETREE PUFFO forced to check and knocked over on 1st bend of the 1.22 race  (FcdTCk&KO1, null (DIS))

Video from start of 1.22 race also shows COOLAVELLY FIN being thrown in traps, escaping, then being pushed back in.

VICO ROAD also forced to check and knocked over on 1st bend of 19.38 race  (FcdTCk&KO1, null (DIS)).  BLUE SMURF & ONE DAY RALPH badly bumped (BBmp) in same race.

18 Feb 24

SUMMER SWIRL running into outside rails on the 2nd bend of the 12.26 race (VWide 2)

SHES A JOKER knocked over, suffering a bad fall, on the 1st bend of the 1.04 race (FcdTCk&KO1, null(DIS).

11 Feb 24

GLENMALURE FLYER stumbled and pulled up on last bend in 12.08 race, went from first to last, limping badly on run up to finish (LedRunUp-Stb&Ck4, null(DIS)). The commentator on the SIS streaming service described GLENMALURE FLYER as having “broken down”.

RUNAWAY MAY fell on the 4th bend in the 19.08 race (QAw,Crd1&3,Stb&Fell4, null(DIS)).

HAWKFIELD IRISH also limped to the finish in the 20.56 race. GBGB results state that they suffered cramp (QAw,Bmp1,FinishedCramped, null(DIS)). However, we do not know if this is accurate. They had also been involved in a collision with another dog on the 1st bend. GBGB does not disclose veterinary records for injured greyhounds. As far as we are aware, there is no x-ray facility at the Valley track, which would allow other possible injuries to be ruled out. 

04 Feb 24

VIXONS SPARKLE fell at the 6th bend in the 12.25 race Crd5,Crd&Fell6, null(DIS)

SWIFT EXPERIMENT knocked over and falls badly on the 3rd bend of the 19.23 race (FcdTCk&Bmp1,Crd2,BBmp&KO3, null (DIS))

28 Jan 24

CASTELL KAYLA  knocked over on second bend in 1.04 race QAw,Led-BBmp&KO2, null(DIS)

AFAN BELL knocked over on the first bend of the 21.23 race (FcdTCk&KO1, null(DIS)).  This is the second week running AFAN BELLE has run into trouble.

21 Jan 24 – Dogs are Raced During Storm Isha

BLUE SMURF knocked over on first bend of the 11.49 race (FcdTCk&KO1 (null(DIS))

AFAN BELLE appears to run into wall after a bad collision on the 1st bend in the 14.02 race

PANDY BOW knocked over, somersaults multiple times on first bend of 19.58 race (QAw,Bmp&KO1 null(DNF)). Very serious fall. Extent of their injuries unknown .

RANDOM VICKY appears to hit rails on 3rd bend (LedRunUp-StbB3) of the 20.13 race. Appalling conditions in storm Isha, water all over track, driving rain and 100kph wind. 

Evening meeting only abandoned after hare breaks down during 20.29 race. GBGB’s Track Maintenance Manual states: “In winter there is greater risk of abandonments due to weather conditions. Care needs to be taken on whether a surface is satisfactory to race on or not. Don’t be tempted to run on a surface that unfit for racing, no matter how marginal. If the track surface is not right, don’t race.” (Page 88)

14 Jan 24

Four dogs collide badly on the second bend in 13.04 race, COOLEMORE COUNT knocked over (BBmp&Fell2 Null(DIS)).

TOBYS TURBO slow from the start and appeared to pull up injured on second bend of 14.42 race (Ck2 null(DISS).

PANDY JACK stumbled badly, then struggled to make the second bend and ran onto the hare rail, in the 14.13 race  (VSAw,Crd1,StbBadly2).

2 Jan 24 – Waterlogged Track Still Causes Issues

LEMON TRICKER suffered brutal fall at first bend on a badly waterlogged track in the 18.26 race (FcdTCk&Fell1). Eventually finished course at considerable distance, no time recorded (null(DIS)).

29 Dec 23 – Waterlogged Track Causes Issues

SWIFT YEARN pulled up before first bend on waterlogged track in the 11.54 race (CkRunUp). Looked to be badly injured. Did not finish (DNF).

DUBAI KID fell at first bend in the 12.44 race (Crd&Fell1), finished course no time recorded (null(DIS))

22 Dec 23 – Four Out of Five Dogs in the 12.44 Race Run Into Each Other  

Two dogs, WHISKY SALLAGH and WHISKY LYSANDER, collided badly and fell on first bend of the 13.19 race. Both listed as Bmp&Fell1 null(DIS).

In the 13.37 race RAPIDO FIRMINO forced to jump barrier on outside of second bend to avoid running into wall.

SALLAGH FINN pulled by neck with front paws off the ground as taken to traps for the 14.11 race. In the same race SHOOTER MCGAVIN stumbled badly on the third bend (FcdTCk&StbB3)

15 Dec 23

AIRMOUNT IRENE  fell on the third bend (ChlRunUp-Crd&Fell3) in the 13.37 race. Completed the course no time recorded null(DIS).

14 Dec 23

CHOCTAW FOE appears to have been injured (SwervedStt,Bmp1,Ck) in the 11.19. This was their first ever race, they did not finish (DNF) or race again in 2023.

CHOCTAW FOE was later confirmed to have sustained a serious injury requiring specialist surgery.

8 Dec 23

Welsh Government publishes Licensing of Animal Welfare Establishments, Activities and Establishments Consultation. Includes questions on future of greyhound racing in Wales, including call for evidence for a phased ban.

7 Dec 23

PANDY IESTYN  fell at first bend of the 12.11 race (Saw,Crd&Fell1), finished the course with no time recorded (null(DIS)).

Castell Pam fell at the start of the 14.11 race (Crd&FellStart), finished the course with no time recorded (null(DIS))

24 Nov 23 – More Dogs Injured, “Always Fearless” Roughly Handled

RAPIDO FIRMINO fell on the first bend (FcdTCk&Fell1) in the 13.53 race and CATUNDA SPIRIT also fell at the first bend (FcdTCk&Fell1) in the 13.37 race. Both dogs null(DIS) meaning they finished the course but weren’t given a time. 

Prior to start of 12.11 race trainer seen repeatedly pulling ALWAYS FEARLESS by neck with their feet off ground as they are manhandled across infield to traps.

TOBYS TURBO pulled up and appeared injured shortly after the start of the 11.35. Listed as null(DNf) meaning they didn’t finish the course.

17 Nov 23

Five out of six dogs in 13.43 race run into each other out of the traps (BmpRunUp).

10 Nov 23

GBGB announce lifting of an indefinite ban on South Wales Trainer Derek Davy, who was previously found to have doped dogs for race fixing on multiple occasions, allowing him to be once again involved in greyhound racing in Wales. GBGB’s Director of Regulation, Philip Law, opposed lifting the ban, but was ultimately overruled.

3 Nov 23 – Racing Officially Opens at Valley

GBGB racing officially commenced at the Valley. One dog ON THE SOD fell in the very first race. 

These are BAGS meetings – Bookmakers Afternoon Greyhound Service – livestreamed by SIS to bookmakers worldwide. Whilst technically open to the public few attend other than the trainers and owners.

18 Oct 23 – Dogs Continue to Fall on Updated Track

GBGB trials began at the Valley. SHOOTER MACGAVIN fell at first bend (FcdTCk&Fell1).

Sep 23 – GBGB Reverses its Own Decision That Valley is Safe for Racing

The Cut The Chase Coalition write to GBGB raising concerns over safety at the newly-licensed Valley track. Despite GBGB’s claims to have a “robust process” for licensing tracks, further trials were suspended for some time whilst changes made to “the first and second bends to improve the camber, the radius and sight lines leading into the first bend” (GBGB letter to Coalition dated 14 September 2023). On the evidence we have seen since, these changes do not appear to have significantly improved the safety of the track. Indeed, updated aerial imagery following the works show no significant change to the geometry of the track.

GBGB claims to have 200 rules covering all aspects of racing. However, none of these deal with the shape of the track or the angle of the bends.

22 Aug 23 – Trials See ‘Carnage’ at Valley

Trials and Auction of some 50 Irish greyhounds (under 2 yrs old) held at the Valley track attracted widespread criticism from both animal welfare organisations and from within the greyhound racing community, as many dogs got into trouble on the track’s notoriously sharp bends, losing their footings, running into the wall or each other.

Nathan Corden of Greyhound Trader quoted as saying “One bitch turned in the traps but completed the course; another dog checked (and stopped) at the sough; one bitch cramped solid and unfortunately one dog [KNOW THE DANGER] injured a stopper bone and returned to Ireland with the vendor after care from the vet on-site.”

GRW fears that KNOW THE DANGER may now be dead, as they have not trialled or raced again in 2023. The culling of greyhounds which will not chase or are deemed too slow is widespread in Ireland. In 2016 alone 5,987 greyhound pups were killed for this reason.

18 Aug 23 – GBGB License Valley Track

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB), the industry self-regulatory body, issued a license to the Valley track in Ystrad Mynach, Caerphilly. The Valley track is the sole remaining greyhound track in Wales. Prior to this it was an unregulated ‘flapping’ track. GBGB regulation means that for the first time there is now a vet present at the track.