Give a greyhound the “Will” to live on

Your legacy could be the answer in helping GRW to improve the future of many retired greyhounds and lurchers by supporting our work for many years to come.

Why you should write a will?

70% of people die without first making a Will. If there are no living relatives, HMRC will inherit these assets. Making a Will is the only way to ensure that you decide what happens to your money and property.

How to make a will?

The cost of making a Will does vary and so it’s worth contacting several solicitors in your area. If, having made sufficient provision for your dependents, you decide to support Greyhound Rescue Wales, then it is important that the charity is referred to as:

Greyhound Rescue Wales
Hillcrest Cottage
Bryncethin Road
SA18 1YS

Registered charity number:  1152650

Different Types of Bequest

There are two main ways in which people leave money to charities:

1.  Leaving a set amount

This is called a pecuniary bequest. The only disadvantage with naming a specific sum in your Will is that the real value of such a bequest will become eroded over time. It may be that the real value of your gift ends up being far less than you intended.

2.  Leaving what’s left over

This is called a residuary bequest. One of the best ways you could help the Greyhound Rescue Wales is to consider leaving us the residue of your estate – the share of your estate that is left after you have taken care of your family and friends. This has several advantages: you know that you have made adequate provision for your family, and that any legal costs will be paid. You also know that whatever is left over is going to a wonderful cause – helping to protect greyhounds and lurchers.


If you already have a Will, a simple “Codicil” can be added to change any of the provisions in it.

If you decide that you want to help GRW, then the person who helped you with the original will can advise you on adding a Codicil. This is an easy and inexpensive process.

If you have included a bequest Greyhound Rescue Wales in your Will, please let us know. It helps us to know that we are getting in touch with the people who count, and we can then ensure that you are kept up to date with our work.

For more detail on wording for a Legacy to GRW, please download our PDF.