Could you help raise money to support Greyhound Rescue Wales?

We receive no government or racing industry funding and rely entirely on donations to fund our vital work. We are very lucky to have many enthusiastic supporters who run all kinds of events to fundraise on our behalf.

Perhaps you already have an idea, or you are looking for inspiration to do something a bit different. Whatever stage you are at, we can provide support to your event to help things run smoothly.

Please use the form below to get in touch about running a fundraising event and one of our fundraising team will get back to you shortly.

Examples and Ideas

We have had all sorts of events take place to raise funds for us, but it is entirely up to you how big or small (or how weird and wonderful) you want to make your event! Below are some of the more common examples to give you an idea:

    • Sponsored challenges (e.g. marathons/fun runs, sky dives, sponsored silence etc.)
    • Coffee mornings and bake sales
    • Fancy dress days
    • Sponsored dog walks
    • Take your dog to work day
    • Street collections
    • Charity performances (e.g. live music, comedy)
    • Charity hospitality (e.g. fundraising dinners)
    • Auctions and raffles


How We Can Help

We can provide support to your fundraising event in all sorts of ways, such as:

    • Helping to find volunteers to support your event
    • Loaning fundraising equipment such as collection tins, card readers, banners, flags, gazebos, stands etc.
    • Providing print media such as leaflets, posters, flyers and magazines
    • Arranging for greyhounds to attend your event (dependant on location and availability)
    • Advertising your event through our website and social media channels
    • Providing templates for risk assessments and other documents


How it Works

Step 1: Get in Touch

Use the form below to get in touch, even if you don’t have a idea yet! Our fundraising team can help you with lots of great ideas and advice on what might work best for your fundraising plans.


Step 2: Making a Plan

We can give plenty of assistance with deciding where, when and what to do for your fundraising event. Once we’ve ironed out the details, we will make a record of your event so we can start the ball rolling with our support.

Step 3: Supporting Your Event

In the build up to your event, we can help you with template documents, posters/flyers, advertising and more. Depending on your event we may also be able to arrange for hounds to make an appearance.

Step 4: The Big Day!

The planning is all done, you’ve gathered all your volunteers and you’re set up and ready to go. Enjoy your event, fundraising is a highly rewarding experience.

Step 5: Follow Up

We’ll contact you after your event to see how everything went and follow up on any remaining points (e.g. returning fundraising equipment.) 

Please complete this form to contact our fundraising team