We are always speaking with people about the work we do rehoming greyhounds. All too often we hear the phrase “oh I’d love to have a greyhound, but I can’t because…” Sometimes these reasons are genuine, but more often than not people are surprised to hear that we could find a dog for their situation…in fact a greyhound may be their perfect dog!

At Greyhound Rescue Wales, we don’t have long checklists of strict rules for you to meet as an adopter. Instead, we consider your own circumstances and find the right dog for you. After all, we believe there is a greyhound for everyone.

Here are some common misconceptions about adopting from Greyhound Rescue Wales and why a greyhound or lurcher may be a great fit for you:

“I don’t have a big garden/fence…or any garden at all”

The reason some rescues require people to have a particular type of garden is to give the dog an outside space to toilet and stretch their legs. However, if you feel you can commit to doing this throughout the day with your dog, then that is a suitable alternative. We have rehomed dogs to people living in houses, flats, caravans, motorhomes, canal boats and more! Many of these adopters don’t have gardens, but they have access to outdoor spaces where they take their greyhounds on-lead instead. If that sounds like something you could commit to, then a garden is not a dealbreaker.

“I don’t have a very big house”

Although greyhounds are large dogs, they don’t necessarily require a great deal of indoor space. Greyhounds have been bred for short bursts of extreme speed, but the other side to this is they sleep most of the day to conserve energy. They may have short bursts of play but for the most part you will see them lazing on their bed or a comfy rug. There are many ex-racing greyhounds living in ‘tiny homes’ such as boats and caravans who are perfectly comfortable and whose owners will take them outside when its time for a quick play.

“I don’t want a rescue dog because they all have issues/are aggressive/are unhealthy”

Although its true that some rescue dogs can have ongoing health or behavioural problems, this is not the case with most greyhounds. The vast majority of them need a home because they have been used for racing and are now no longer needed by their owners. These dogs are perfectly healthy and happy, they just need a forever home and a chance to be a pet!

“I can’t have a greyhound because I have young children living at home”

If you have young children living at home, we could still find a greyhound for you. We usually recommend that if you are bringing a dog into an existing family environment, that children are aged 4 or older. However, it is always worth discussing this with our rehoming team as they may have a particular dog in mind that would suit your circumstances.

“I don’t like muzzles and greyhounds always have to be muzzled”

We muzzle our dogs when they exercise together because they are in a new and unfamiliar environment, but also because it stops them picking up things they shouldn’t in our exercise field! Once you and your greyhound have become familiar with each other and you get a feel for how they act in public, there is usually no need to routinely muzzle them unless advised otherwise by our rehoming staff.

“I like walking at weekends and I’ve heard greyhounds don’t have the stamina for it”

Over the last few decades, greyhound charities have done a lot of work to promote greyhounds as pets. There were many greyhound trainers who would have their dogs euthanised after their racing careers ended claiming that greyhounds were wild, unruly animals that could not be rehomed. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however greyhounds have become a victim of their own success, because they now have a reputation as lazy layabouts that are great at home but useless on the mountain! Just like people, greyhounds vary massively in their temperaments, personalities and tolerance for exercise. There is a greyhound for every type of adopter and if you want a dog that will go with you on your weekend walks, then we can find you one.

“Greyhounds can’t do recall and I want to let my dog off lead sometimes”

Some greyhounds have a high prey drive, which means they are naturally wired to chase animals they perceive as prey. This doesn’t mean that they can’t do recall, it just means they might need a bit more training to get there. Training recall is all about repetition and perseverance, and people that say greyhounds can’t do it are usually expecting too much, too soon from their dog. We can provide lots of support to you and your greyhound to help you get to a point where you are confident in calling your dog to you.

“I previously had to return a dog for personal reasons, so I won’t be considered again”

We consider every adoption request on a case-by-case basis. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way and people have to return dogs because of circumstances beyond their control. We do not hold any bias against adopters because of this and we are always willing to discuss your current situation to find out if you might be ready to adopt again.

“Greyhounds need lots of exercise and I won’t be able to keep up”

It is a common misconception that greyhounds need a lot of exercise, but for the most part this is not the case. Greyhounds vary in their stamina and desire for exercise, but most greyhounds are happy with 2 walks per day of around 30-40 minutes. We always seek to match you with a greyhound that meets your needs, so if you’re not going to be getting in the miles every day, we can find a lazy dog to relax with you at home.

“I can’t have a greyhound because I have to go out during the day”

Most greyhounds have grown up and lived in kennels for several years, and are used to being without human company for several hours at a time. Although it will take any dog time to settle into a new home, a greyhound living in your house does not need 24/7 supervision. If you are concerned about how a new dog will fit into your daily routine, our rehoming team are more than happy to give you further advice.

If you have any queries or concerns about adopting a dog from us, please speak to our rehoming team via rehoming@greyhoundrescuewales.co.uk and someone will get back to you shortly.