Shop Volunteering

Could you help hounds by volunteering in one of our shops?

  • Our shops are our biggest source of income, we simply couldn’t rescue and rehome our hounds without them
  • Many of our volunteers gain confidence, find purpose and build life-long friendships through our shops
  • Hours are flexible to suit your commitments
  • Full induction and training is provided

Our fantastic volunteers are priceless. They are the backbone of team retail. Our shops would cease to exist without these amazing people. We hold them in high esteem!


Read what some of our volunteers think about helping in our shops:


Andrea works 8 hours per week and has been with us for 4 years. She had just retired when we opened at Cardiff. Andrea wanted structure to her week and we have provided this for her. Andrea says: “ I benefit from the social contact, general atmosphere and structure.” She loves her “work family” and the self- satisfaction she gains from her volunteer role. Andrea would highly recommend volunteering.


Marylin works 4 hours per week but would love to work more. Commitments prevent this. She has been with team retail for 18 months. She says: “ I love volunteering, the customer interaction, seeing people and the social impact. I love to bring in donations and seeing them sell is a huge bonus. I would recommend volunteering”.


Julie works 4 hours per week and has been with GRW for 18 months. Julie joined us upon retirement. She says: “ I’ve met so many lovely people and have a structure to my week. I bring in many donations and buy lots of bargains from the shop. You should see my scarf collection, it’s amazing! ”. Julie would highly recommend volunteering with us.


Kate: “I chose to volunteer at the greyhound shop during my studies at university. I have now been at greyhound since 2017 and love it there. I am currently doing my masters at Swansea and volunteering has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It provides me great company, and the ability to focus my mind on things other than studying. Not only that, but I can help the dogs by working there. I can’t begin to even say how much volunteering has had a positive influence on my life and wellbeing. I have gained life long friends and ultimately, a more positive outlook on life. I’ve always loved animals and volunteering with an animal charity is amazing. I will most likely continue to volunteer for many years to come.”


Eilleen joined us after the closure of the PDSA shop where she formally volunteered. She has been with us for 3 years and works 12 hours per week. She intentionally set out to volunteer for an animal charity. Eileen is a recovering alcoholic. She says: “ I don’t know where I would be now if I didn’t volunteer, it gives me something to get out of bed for in the mornings. I love the social aspect, the customer interaction and best of all the doggy visitors”. Eileen would highly recommend volunteering.

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