RSPCA, Dogs Trust and Blue Cross have this morning issued a joint statement calling for a ban on greyhound racing in the UK. This also marks the beginning of the #CutTheChase campaign, calling for a phasing out of greyhound racing over a 5 year period.

The statement comes at the culmination of a comprehensive review process into the gambling product, in which all three charities found significant negative consequences for greyhounds in multiple areas of the industry.

Comprehensive internal reviews conducted by the Dogs Trust, RSPCA and Blue Cross highlighted serious concerns at every stage of a racing greyhound’s life including issues around inadequate welfare standards in kennelling and transporting the dogs. Some of the dogs used in racing are kept in poor, barren conditions, with little if any enrichment and fed a poor diet. The reviews also highlighted concerns around the general health of the dogs including the number and severity of injuries sustained during racing.

There are also serious issues around the racing of greyhounds in extreme weather and the number of puppies that are unaccounted for between birth and racing registrations, so often referred to by the sector as the “wastage”.

Dogs Trust

The three charities highlighted how in the past, they have made every effort to work with industry representatives to achieve improvements in welfare and more robust regulation. Unfortunately, improvements had not been seen at sufficient scale or pace and research concluded many required changes were simply unachievable.

Dogs Trust, the RSPCA and Blue Cross have, as part of the Greyhound Forum, worked with the greyhound racing industry for many years to try to improve conditions for the dogs involved in the sport. While this has led to some improvements, the three charities believe there are still significant welfare issues for racing greyhounds which have not been resolved and cannot be resolved. 

Dogs Trust

Greyhound Rescue Wales welcomes this announcement from three of the largest UK charities involved in dog welfare. We look forward to working alongside RSPCA, Dogs Trust and Blue Cross, supporting their activity to achieve a ban on this gambling product which we believe has a net negative impact for greyhounds.

You can view the press release on the Dogs Trust website by clicking here.

You can also show your support on social media by using #CutTheChase.

Featured photo: Getty Images