Greyhounds in Wales urgently need your support. Greyhound Rescue Wales is supporting a campaign launched by Hope Rescue to object to a recent planning application submitted to Caerphilly CBC to further develop the premises at Valley Greyhound Stadium in Ystrad Mynach

Valleys Greyhound Stadium have stated that they will become a licensed, commercial greyhound racing track by January 2024 and the purpose of this planning application is to facilitate this transition. This will result in the significant intensification of greyhound racing at Wales’s only greyhound track. Greyhound racing is inherently dangerous, and causes painful injuries and premature deaths, not to mention creating 1,000s of surplus dogs that are discarded by the industry every year with the expectation that animal charities will step in to rehome them.

Hope Rescue’s Amazing Greys project, supported by partner rescues including Greyhound Rescue Wales, Forever Hounds Trust and Dogs Trust, took in over 40 seriously injured greyhounds from Valleys Greyhound Stadium over a 3 year period, many of whom broke their legs. Sadly 5 didn’t survive their injuries. The intensification of racing will lead to far more deaths and injuries right here in Wales. Based on figures from the latest injury and retirement data from the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) and averaged over the number of tracks, we anticipate there being around 170 serious injuries and 16 deaths every year for dogs racing at Valleys Greyhound Stadium once the track is licensed by GBGB. We also anticipate over 200 surplus dogs needing rescue spaces annually, at a time local animal welfare charities are under unprecedented pressure due to the rise in the number of dogs purchased during Covid and the cost of living crisis. This is not a positive outcome for greyhounds in Wales.

Over 35,000 dog lovers have already signed a petition to Welsh Government to ban greyhound racing in Wales. Recently, the Dogs Trust, RSPCA and Blue Cross joined calls from Greyhound Rescue Wales, Hope Rescue and other animal welfare charities to phase out greyhound racing. The #CutTheChase campaign is built on the foundation that “dogs deserve to live a full, happy life, free from the threat of injury or death”.

Please join us in protecting greyhounds in Wales. Any objections need to be based on valid planning grounds, but Caerphilly CBC also need to hear how passionately the public feel about greyhound racing and the welfare of dogs involved in this dangerous sport. In addition to voicing your welfare concerns, we would suggest mentioning the following objections which will be updated once we are in receipt of professional planning advice:

  • Lack of information about the flood risk and how the risk will be managed
  • Lack of consultation with the community on an issue of high public interest
  • Lack of ecology surveys (there are records of otter and bat within the vicinity of the site)
  • No detail about how the development is part of a planned intensification of use and any subsequent impact e.g. increased vehicular movements
  • Lack of detail about the proposed creation of jobs

How You Can Help


Sign the petition by clicking here

Submit a formal objection to the planning application here:

If you are local resident in Caerphilly County Borough Council (especially if you live in the Ystrad Mynach ward), write to your local County Councillor, Town Councillor, Senedd Member and MP asking for their support