“[Greyhound racing] is dead…you’ve got to be stark raving mad if you think you’re going to join the industry and make money.”

Do you think the goverment will ban greyhound racing eventually or not?

“I can only hope and pray they do.”

In an interview with CAGED Nationwide, GBGB trainer Marina May and her kennel hand Steve May gave a damning summary of just some of the poor practice they had seen in the industry over their 13 years of experience. Not only did they raise a number of serious welfare concerns, but they also showed how smaller trainers and their dogs were very much a victim of the intense commercialisation of greyhound racing which is worryingly spreading across the border and into Wales at this very moment.

The interview speaks for itself, so we won’t comment any further, only to say that since speaking out, Marina has been given an ultimatum by GBGB over whether she can keep her license, with the board particularly pressing her on whether she agrees with Steve when he says he wishes to see racing banned.